Austin Aries Wins Impact Championship at Television Taping

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At Wednesday night’s Impact Wrestling taping, Austin Aries returned to the company and defeated Eli Drake to win the Impact Wrestling championship.

Eli Drake and Chris Adonis were holding a “Facts of Life” segment when Aries interfered and challenged Drake to a match with Aries winning the title.

The match is scheduled to air in the next couple of weeks, according to Impact’s website.

This would be Aries’ third stint with the promotion after working for the company from 2005-2007 as both “Austin Aries” and “Austin Starr” and returning from 2011 until 2015.

Aries was released from his WWE contract this past July.

Classic TNA :joy::joy::joy::joy:

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This title change seems out of the blue. Impact goes through so much turnover on its roster that it hurts the product. Why invest time into watching their show when wrestlers are coming in and going out constantly?

I want to give Cyrus and D’amore the benefit of the doubt but this company is tainted. It needs to be burned down and completely rebuilt.

I absolutely don’t mind that title change. Always been a big fan of Austin Aries so that suits me. However, I just hope they keep Eli Drake in the title picture because he had been doing really good as champion.

I’ll wait to see how this place out but it seems rushed.

I’m okay with it. I like Aries, last time this company had a real buzz was maybe when he was champion… you could argue Bully Ray or Lashley though.

THE WWE star thing doesn’t apply since he was champion of this company was before he even got near a WWE ring.

I understand Scott and Don need to put their stamp on this company and make a statement but feel a little bad it came at Eli Drake’s expense.

But let’s see where it goes, I got faith in the Canadian duo.

Sorry fella, Aries had a WWE dark match the day before his TNA debut. He’s a true ex-WWE superstar!

You got me Shane, have to start a fact checking thread around here for me next.

Haha, don’t thank me, thank the incredible

At least Aries has a good history with TNA being a former World, X Division and Tag champ. He’s had years in that company so he’s not much a ex-WWE guy to me. My only issue is again it’s a guy who’s not long left WWE and is already the champion the night he debuts.

Anybody just showing up and beating your long standing champion is just terrible booking…it makes everyone who challenged the champion before look inept.

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The other thing coming out of the taping is that Johnny Impact will be the next challenger for the title, so it’s kinda like they don’t really learn from the past and even with new management, they still go on and put Former WWE talents on top and bury the home crowd talents by putting them on the undercard.

I’m not a big fan of Aries, i never got what fans saw in him, to me, he would make a great mouthpiece for somebody but as a wrestler, he’s just like every other guy. So i’m sad to see Eli drake drop the belt out of the blue like that to somebody like Aries especially since i feel that since they did a number contender match, eli drake will go back to we’re he was before and that’s being a job guy for the bigger stars.

i guess guys don’t care about what’s being reported and jump straight to tna. i guess callis and D’amore are able to convince the boys that their won’t be any bullshitting with the talent. hopefully they do something good with him and make him a true champion.

Considering its still on tv and they now allow wrestlers to take outside bookings and retain their IPs…I can see why people will still give TNA chances.

Not rebuilt. Let’s be honest, ROH is what TNA was in the early-mid 2000s. Both started around that time and one is doing better than ever and touring and one can’t keep management the same.

I don’t know about that. From a creative and historical standpoint, ROH and TNA’s best years are the early-mid 00’s.

I’ve been dreading this day since Aries left WWE. I love watching Aries wrestle but Impact is a chore. I was hoping he’d head to ROH, where I’d at least catch him on the big shows (I’m not dedicating time to their TV show, it’s way too bland) but who knows how long it’ll take before he leaves Impact, I may never get to see him wrestle again now because I’m certainly never watching anymore lolTNA, that’s for sure.

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As someone who still watches, Impact… uh… spoilers in the headline?! You know, like the other spoilers you’ve been giving in headlines.

Forget it. It’s a big news story.

Perhaps I need to avoid the site until I watch the show… whenever it airs “in the next couple of weeks”.

Kind of hard to consider it a spoiler when Impact already gave away the results themselves.