Avenger's OutPOST - An MCU Thread (SPOILERS!)


I think Season 1 had the highest highs, but Season 2 was consistently better throughout. If I were handing out grades I’d say that Season 1 was a 7.5/10 (the first half was a 9/10 & the second half probably a 6/10). And I’d grade Season 2 as an 8/10 season. Season 2 was a fun ride. I think Bushmaster was a good villain that was a nice middle-point between Cottonmouth & Diamondback, the Iron Fist episode was great, Reg E. Cathey & Alfre Woodard acted their hindparts off, and the ending sets up some interesting possibilities for Season 3.

And Always Forward should be back w/new episodes starting in late July-early August.

I wasn’t a huge fan of the last season of AOS…But I did like the last few episodes of the season. Cloak & Dagger’s a decent little show (especially considering it’s a FreeForm show). The first 2 episodes are kind of slow, but things get moving by the end of episode 3. Basically anytime the title characters are together, the show works…But a lot of the first 3 episodes were them apart. :100:



Aslong as comcast stays away… at ace con this weekend on of the character designers andy park said he could not comment on how he would design the suits for the x-men because the situatian right now … he didnt want to start rumors … but i recon they got some stuff going … well that is my best guese


I think I can agree with the analysis but might disagree on the grades a little. I’d give season one an 8 - 8.5 (I don’t think it drops of the cliff as hard as a lot of other people do really) and season two a 9.

Knowing when Always Forward returns is good because I found out about it after season one was done and never listened. Now I can binge all the episodes and be ready for the new stuff when it drops.

I believe I heard that Fox has accepted Disney’s bid and as long as all goes well it’s just a case of signing contracts and transferring dollars.


Comicbook movie news just put this up so it is getting close the department of justice had approved it, but some parties are saying comcast is gonna do an other big bid.


Disney’s got more money than Comcast, right? I can’t imagine they’ll bow out. I wouldn’t be surprised to find out years from now that Comcast had no interest in buying Fox they just made a deal with them to push the price up. :rofl:


I’m about halfway through Season 2 and so far I agree with Nate. Its been good (and getting better with each episode) but not “Great” yet. I also don’t find it particularly “bingable”. The episodes rarely end on a cliffhanger and I never feel like I need to watch the next one like I did watching some of the previous seasons of Daredevil and Jessica Jones.

I will say that I think Collen is my new favorite character of the Defenders universe and was happy when she showed up.


I’m just here casually waiting for Endgame… April can’t come soon enough.