Axel Tischer comments on report of Eric Young returning to WWE, grateful for fans that want SAnitY to reunite

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Tischer weighs in on the report of Eric Young heading back to WWE. 

On the first episode of IMPACT Wrestling on AXS for the month of December 2022, Eric Young was ‘stabbed to death’ by his former Violent By Design stablemate, Deaner. Present day, Deaner has a group on IMPACT programming called ‘The Design’ with Alan Angels and Big Kon. 

Following the segment with Young, it was first reported by PWInsider that he finished up with IMPACT and is heading back to WWE

During Young’s time in WWE, he was the leader of SAnitY which consisted of Nikki Cross, Big Damo and Axel Tischer. Tischer and Damo were released from the company. Tischer spoke to Steve Fall of the Ten Count podcast and commented on the report of Young heading back. He also showed his appreciation to the fans that have shown their support of a SAnitY reunion and said ‘never say never’ concerning that. 

I have heard about rumors (of Eric Young heading back to WWE) but first, I checked if E.Y. is okay and he didn’t respond yet so we’ll see if he’s still alive or not (after being ‘stabbed’ on IMPACT on AXS). To be honest with that, of course I hear the rumors and I see all the posts from the wrestling community tagging my name, tagging [Big] Damo, Nikki [Cross], E.Y. and tagging Hunter and Shawn [Michaels] and all the importants in WWE because they remembered SAnitY and I’m very grateful for that and I’m also very grateful that people want to see that act get a second chance, just relive that and everything so, and it’s very dear to my heart. SAnitY in general was my breakout and yeah, is there room? I don’t know. Is there an opportunity? Maybe, because never say never in professional wrestling. Not only WWE but in general, never say never. But, time will tell I guess.

While Damo, Young and Tischer were on the main roster, in their final televised match on SmackDown, they lost to The Miz in a three-on-one Handicap match. 

Tischer was later moved to the NXT U.K. brand and said that was a career saver for him. He said no disrespect to Miz, but his character is not a ‘badass’ and he beat three ‘psychos’ at the same time. Tischer said they knew that was a burial. 

To the NXT UK thing, that was career-saving for me because we’d [SAnitY] been dead in the water in the main event. Just losing to The Miz, one against three. So nothing against The Miz. Awesome guy and very creative. To this day, one of the most constant superstars there but, his character’s not really a badass so beating three psychos, big achievement in my mind. But, you do what you’re gonna do, you have to be a professional. In that case, we knew that’s the burial right there now.

Tischer wrestles on a regular basis for wXw in Germany. The promotion has their annual 16 Carat Gold weekend coming up in March. 

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Letting The Miz beat your developmental talent in a 3-1 match. Why would you do that? Those kind of booking makes absolutely no sense