B Team BBQ script leak

Road Dogg - agent…shocker the blame went on the wrong guy, again.

And Steve O, Jon S and Jon B…you absolutely suck pals.

Also, don’t blame this on scripting…you blame it on shitty writing.


I cant wait for Steve O, Jon S & Jon B to have podcasts

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Good god that is a fucking disgrace. Fire everyone involved.

Personally, i didn’t mind the segment at all. In fact, this was my highlight from last monday’s Raw. I laugh my ass off when they started the food fight and Rhyno was just sitting and eating baloney sandwiches and also the ending when Rhyno just stayed there waiting for the b-team to try and lift him for the table spot.

Personally, i would take more comedy in a 3 hours raw and less serious long ass matches that are just there to fill time.

It’s always funny when former writers criticize booking, when they’re time there wasn’t exactly a banner time of creative.

I did like Bo-tato salad, but I am easily impressed with puns.

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Kinda surprised that Dean Melenko produced that segment.