Baby face D-Bry was about to punch a guy holding a baby

Not what I expect from a face. Miz is getting my sympy

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The wwe keep saying that future women will be competing at evolution, so maybe the baby is a worker.


Daniel Bryan hasn’t been a babyface to me for along time, He and Shane were power mad and used their powers to settle vendettas when he was a GM.

Heelish Daniel Bryan was but one among the many things Smackdown got wrong in 2017.

Only thing wrong with that was they didn’t fully commit to it. They hinted at it then said nah and it felt like a waste of time.

As for this segment, people genuinely trying to suggest that a doll has convinced them that Daniel Bryan comes across as a heel now… :joy:

Daniel Bryan didnt know it was a doll.Would have worked better if Miz came out to confront Bryan with his “baby”.

punching a guy holding a baby would make you a babyface in '99