Bad Luck Fale says it's hard for him to envision Tama Tonga as IWGP World Champion because of the culture in Japan

Originally published at Bad Luck Fale says it's hard for him to envision Tama Tonga as IWGP World Champion because of the culture in Japan

Fale looks back at ALL IN and shares that himself and G.o.D. were hurt by not being on the card.

As Bad Luck Fale was speaking to Piers Austin on ‘Shooting The Sh*t UNCENSORED!’, a conversation came up about the culture in Japan. 

Fale expressed his opinion that racism is normal within the culture and he accepted it because it’s the way it is. He added that it hurts but one has to learn how to live with it and move forward. Fale feels current NEVER Openweight Champion Tama Tonga can become IWGP World Heavyweight Champion, but it’s hard for him to envision it due to the culture in Japan.

I hate to talk about this kind of stuff because I… for me, it’s not easy to play victim, because I grew up being cast to the side or pushed aside because of where you’re from and the color you are but, I accepted it. I don’t give a f*ck about that but at the same time, that’s why we never get pushes, we never get championships or whatever. It’s because of that but I understand because in Japan, that’s normal to them. They can be completely racist in front of you and that’s normal, just the culture. I accept it because it’s their culture. There’s no word for in between because you’re either Black or you’re white… It hurts but hey, you gotta learn how to live with it and move forward as best as you can and you know, I think Tama (Tonga) could be IWGP Champion. I think he can be, but it’s hard for me to see it because of that type of culture.

In 2018, New Japan Pro-Wrestling presented the G1 Special in San Francisco and it was there that the BULLET CLUB separated from The Elite. 

Several months later, The Elite presented their ALL IN pay-per-view. Fale stated that himself, Tama Tonga and Tanga Loa were disappointed they were left off the ALL IN card. He said prior to the splitting of the two groups, they were consistently working the tours in Japan and building BULLET CLUB while others were reaping the benefits. 

Yeah, of course (we were disappointed about being left off ALL IN). There’s a lot of things I’ve never talked about. Of course, we were hurt, because like any other thing, you’re taking bread off our table, right? That’s our bread and butter and we fought for years to build that brand (BULLET CLUB) and then you have a couple of guys come in from overseas and steal it off us. That hurts man. But I’m not the type of guy to say, no, you shouldn’t do that, blah, blah, blah. I was like, ‘Oh yeah. If that’s how you know how to make money, go ahead’ because I’m not complaining about (it) myself because I’m happy… If you guys wanna do that, go ahead and do it but it did hurt, of course. It hurt everyone, even the Japanese because some of these guys weren’t on tour all the time. We were day in, day out, on tour doing all these matches. Our bodies was hurting but somebody else was reaping the rewards but hey, that’s how the business goes.

Fale presided over the NJPW TAMASHII tryouts on March 21st and 22nd. NJPW released a list of names who passed the tryouts and those names are being invited to a TAMASHII event in April.

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