Bandido advertised for three GCW events in December

Originally published at Bandido advertised for three GCW events in December

Just hours after the news that ROH will be going on hiatus after Final Battle, its world champion has been booked by Game Changer Wrestling for dates in December.

Bandido was announced for GCW’s upcoming events on December 3rd in Houston, December 4th in Dallas, and December 17th in Los Angeles.

Earlier in the day, ROH announced they would be taking a break with no live events scheduled for the first quarter of 2022 until Supercard of Honor in April.

Throughout the pandemic, our top priority was to keep everyone healthy and safe, and despite not producing any live events over 18 months, we were able to keep everyone fully contracted. We now find ourselves at a time where we need to make changes to our business operations and are planning a pivot for Ring of Honor, with a new mission and strategy.

The year will culminate with a Final Battle in December, and we will be taking the first quarter of 2022 to work internally to reimagine ROH. ROH has the most dedicated fans in the industry, and we appreciate their loyalty and patience as we reconceptualize ROH.

We anticipate returning to live events in April for the Super Card of Honor with a new fan-focused product and provide a unique experience for wrestling fans.

Additionally, it was reported by Sean Ross Sapp at Fightful that ROH talent was informed that their deals would not be renewed at the end of 2021. If a talent has a contract that extends beyond 2021, they will be paid through March 31, 2022.

Fightful added that talent was told to speak with ROH official Greg Gilleland if they want to work elsewhere and that if they are under a deal, would work on making that possible.

Bandido won the ROH Championship this past July and remains its champion.