Banning / Suspending / Silencing Members

It’s no secret there are members of the board who contribute positively and those who don’t. It’s something I’m aware of and would like to remedy.

I won’t hesitate to ban posters for being disrespectful, using multiple accounts, and other examples of trolling. However, I’m also not here to simply censor people with differing opinions, distasteful as they may sometimes be.

What I would like patrons (who pay for the upkeep of this community) to weigh-in on in this thread, is a healthy debate of what may constitute a ban, temporary suspension, or silencing.

I would like to create a loose set of guidelines moderators and other users of the forum can respect so we can justifiably take action against offenders.

– Wai


I’m sure that we can all agree that the obvious things ( racism sexism, homophobia, transphobia) shouldn’t be tolerated.
But I would hate for someone to get banned over a bad joke. Perhaps system that gets progressively harsher with each incident. Repeat offenders and all
But, also, we are dealing with an international audience. Some things can get lost in translation, for want of a better term. Perhaps a chance for a rebuttal should be offered.
We are also dealing with professional wrestling, which doesn’t have the best record when it comes to its treatment of minorities. So, that presents it’s own issues. You can’t talk about certain angles without using some touchy language I.e. Goldust, Saudi Arabia, etc.

I think it’s super weird and unfortunate that this forum doesn’t have an ignore or block function in 2019 (unless I’ve missed it).

Other than the obvious infractions that RTH has mentioned, I wouldn’t know where to start. I’d much prefer that everyone stays, but have individual users make their own decisions with a block button once it’s added to the board.


Generally insensitive posts and and sparking of negative debate.

Example: somebody challenging the community with something like “how stupid are we to believe in somebody’s account of being raped” has zero positive impact.

It’s one thing to argue and debate - that’s half the fun of a wrestling forum - but when there isn’t one positive thing coming out of a person in terms of that debate or even the subject matter, that’s where it dissolves into X-Pac heat.

Language doesn’t seem to be a problem. In the example I used, said another way not sure I’d mind. If the person wants to question something, that’s up to them. But to insinuate anyone on the board is less than for believing a story that’s being reported involving such a hit button issue, I can’t help but feel it’s to evoke emotion or anger, not to spark debate.


The obvious racism, homophobia and the sort need to be dealt with. Otherwise, there’s nothing that can’t be remedied, by simply scrolling by a poster that you don’t like or care to read their opinions.

There are people that I dislike and I know are going to dislike me, but we’re all grown adults and if someone doesn’t have the ability to just not read something they don’t like, I don’t think the internet is for them. You guys have enough to work, that you shouldn’t have to come up with fixes for the forum, just to appease a couple people’s hurt feelings.


I feel like most of us are on the same boat. Hate speech of any kind is completely unacceptable.

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Agreeing with the anti-Hate stance.
There is one specific board member- who I think may have been quietly banned - who recently attacked Sonny Kiss based on his orientation, and would also go off on all sorts of racist attacks (dating back to the Review-America podcast days on the old board). Thankfully he was taken off the board.

There are posters I disagree with, or who go too far with their devil’s advocate gimmick posting - but I think most people can deal with that.

If somebody has a dumb or baseless opinions (30000 fans every Monday at Raw… Rape doesn’t have a negative impact on somebody’s mental well-being, etc;) on a subject that isn’t spreading hate or attacking anybody - then let them dig their own hole, and everybody can point out the errors of their ways.

I believe there is also the question of intent behind the posting. If there are obvious and deliberate attacks on a person or group of people - then yes, that should be a ban.


To be honest, I think it’s mostly this. Feels like most of us (myself included) try to ignore it but occasionally get caught in a bad mood and things spiral from there… though I don’t mean to imply that both sides don’t share responsibility when that happens.

Situations that actually warrant banning are few and far between and have been outlined pretty well in this thread. It’s mostly up to the posters who care about this board to keep it welcoming, civil and fun… basically, making it boring for the assholes who post here just to argue.

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Obvious fake accounts, and as mentioned above, any overt hate speech. I think it’s fair to delete an inappropriate post if it was just a joke in bad taste or appeared to be an innocent mistake, and then give a warning, but if the issue persists suspensions or bans are appropriate.

If someone is being annoying but not hateful, just ignore it. There are people on the forum I typically skip past because I have no respect for their posts, not because I’m offended, but because I don’t have time to read nonsense or trolling.

A mute option would be nice, but it’s easy enough to ignore the few people that are here to just be irritating.

Like many have said above, the majority of the POST forum is good, and personally I’ve never had a problem with anyone on here.

In regards to some things that may constitute either a warning, suspension or ban & block could include…

  • Hate Speech, racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, and ill comments towards the disabled/habicaped community.

  • Threats, posts/replys in which someone directs violence against another user.

  • Spam, post that share a link that don’t add to the discussion but in fact draws others away to either their own site/page or an unrelated/scam site.

  • Language, lastly the issue of language may be an issue for context of acceptable phrases as POST is global. (For example, North America seems to be very reserved about swear/curse words, where as Australia is actually quite landed back on the matter across the general public).

Woah, what the fuck do you mean we’re uptight with our cursing? Shit man…


Sorry, I just mean in reguards to some North America TV compared to some Australian TV.

No offence intended, and didn’t mean to brush everyone with one brush.

It’s all good. I’m just being a sarcastic jerk…lol

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I’m not going to repeat what everybody said. I would like insta ban for body shaming. I remember a user insulting Nia Jax because of her weight.

I also agree with RTH, sometimes you make a bad joke which is actually offensive but you only realize it after. I know it because I’ve done that and in my head it sounded funny. It was actually awful.

Can we create a small counsel where we deliberate such things only to have the person we are talking about decide what we should actually do :thinking:

Sorry for those who don’t get the reference


I already knew you were going to say that. It’s what you were meant to say.


How many people have been banned so far ? I’m just curious.

We can talk about certain people but ultimately it’s the moderators decision.

I was not banned, but I wasnt allowed to comment for 1 week, because I was taunting people after Nakamura/Styles at Wrestlemania and saying Roman was going to have a better match. And I called @mbh an idiot. I definitely dont think that was worthy of being muted for 1 week.

I feel like you just figured out a roundabout way to call me an idiot again.