Barbed Wire Massacre 3...So sad

Impact put this match on their Twitch and YouTube saying it was “Too violent for TV”, which I’d agree with but it was also one of the saddest matches I’ve watched for a few reasons.

  1. These 6 guys (oVe and LAX) where damn near killing each other. Twice the wire actually gave way, Jake and Homicide almost had an awful landing. It was pretty damn dangerous.

  2. The fans must have been dubbed in as watching they really didn’t care about what was happening at all. That’s really sad but that’s the state of TNA/Impact it seems.

  3. JB & Matthews were awful on commentary! It’s one thing if the fans aren’t reacting (you can’t control that fully) but you do control the commentators who should make this feel like a massive deal and they barely reacted to anything. I legit forget Matthews was there at times as he didn’t say anything, this is not the match to sit back and relax on.

I felt bad for these guys and OSW highlighted this as well on their Bound for Glory 2017 review. They are going insane and it’s not getting them anything, crowds aren’t really caring.

i didn’t watch the match but i did watch some of the shows from the recent set of tapings they did in Ottawa and you’re right, it seems like they are dubbing the crowd noses because most of the time, they really seem like they don’T care especially those that we’re rumored to be extras or we’re brought in from nearby schools. The only fans that truly seems to cared are the hardcore IMPACT fans that decided to take them on their offer and comes in for free on each days of tapings by showing off their Bound for glory tickets.

On a side note, i actually made the trip from montreal to go to Bound for glory. I didn’t stay all the way until the end because the show was so boring and their wasn’t a lot of crowd reaction throughout the show and it made me sad to see a company that once had so much potential having to self destruct just so they could rebuild themselves.

In the end, i feel sad for the performers that give everything in the ring for this company and get almost no reactions from the crowd in returns. If i was them, i wouldn’T go all out and kill myself for a company that’s truly seem like it’s on his last legs.