Bautista backs Biden

Really good promo video by Bautista:

He’s definitely a smart guy who’s done very well in movies so far.

And him being jacked may help win over some “Alpha” guys.


I still can’t understand how we have people who are undecided at this point.

The parties are so far apart right now that it’s hard to imagine somebody who doesn’t at least have a strong preference. I think many undecideds are Republicans who don’t like Trump and Democrats who don’t like Biden. The decision isn’t “vote Trump or vote Biden”. It’s “to vote or not to vote”.

To use myself as an example, I didn’t vote in 2016 because I didn’t like either major candidate. But despite still not liking either major candidate, I’m voting this year… even though it’s largely just for my conscience, since my state is usually decided by double-digits.

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I follow him on Twitter an can’t say I’m surprised. Liked his gears of war commercial on the ppl last night.

Not really about the topic at hand. But Jesus … Amy Coney Barrett … I’m so sorry that the US will have to deal with this. Stay safe and support eachother.

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