Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins announce they are engaged

Originally published at Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins announce they are engaged

On Thursday, Becky Lynch (Rebecca Quin) posted a photo alongside Seth Rollins (Colby Lopez) announcing that the couple is engaged to be married.

Earlier this year, Rollins acknowledged they had been dating since February of this year with the two making their status public and later woven into a storyline on WWE programming.

There are no Raw house shows this weekend and neither Rollins or Lynch are being advertised by WWE for Monday’s episode of Raw in New Orleans, Louisiana or Tuesday’s episode of SmackDown in Baton Rouge.

Both are advertised for Raw the following week on Monday, September 2nd in Baltimore, Maryland.

Happiest day of my life. For the rest of my life. ❤️💍❤️ @wwerollins

— The Man (@BeckyLynchWWE) August 22, 2019

They are really trying to get this story line over


When I saw the picture for this it really made me understand why Seth Wrestles in long pants…never the less happy for them.

Don’t tell Vince about it

They got together in February, introduced on TV in May as a couple, engaged by August…

…this is where I would note, divorced by Wrestle Mania 36, but honestly, I don’t think they ever make it to the alter.

Also, Seth has a terrible history of dating other performers. Becky was so adorable and quirky prior to The Man character on all her personal social accounts. I almost feel like this engagement is The Man getting engaged to Seth Freakin Rollins and not two real people who are meant for the long-haul.

Also, this is probably why I’m single and have zero prospects for actual marriage. Too Cynical.


When Rollins was in that Twitter feud with Will Ospreay i kept thinking to myself Ospreay could just end it all with 5 simple words:

“Mate…you dated a nazi”.


Nice for them I guess (although I don’t know what real difference there is between simply being together for a long time versus getting married… tax stuff? Religious reasons?) but I hope WWE doesn’t use this news on TV. It’d benefit no one but it’ll probably happen so I’ll just wait for Michael Cole to introduce Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch as each other’s fiancé.

Lots shitty to comment on real peoples lives like a wrestling story but given how much WWE made this a storyline thing - it’s almost like Seth rushed to pop the question before he became a bigger dweeb and The Man was too cool for him.

Also - does anyone wanna see Seth/Becky vs Osprey/Bea because I sure a shit do!

Nothing wrong at all with being single man. You can have a lot more fun and not have to worry about anyone else. One of the best things to ever happen to me, was the end of my last relationship.

There’s also nothing wrong at all with being engaged or married. Just let them be.


My first thought when I learned the news.

And yes, it’s typical for a long-time couple living together (a “common law marriage” in some circles) to get legitimately married because of their religion or their living situations, such as one getting on the other’s health care plan. My brother and his now-wife have lived together for years, even buying a house together, only deciding to get married when they decided to have a baby together.

Why if your a celebrity is being engaged after dating for less then 6-months consided “normal”.

If this was a family member or friend everyone would be asking “why the rush”?

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No they wouldn’t

What about arranged marriages? Those peeps decide after like a week.

Those people don’t decide. It’s arranged! Haha

It depends on the people I’ve seen it both ways with fast engagements. Like if they have been friends for years and hanging out, but only officially dating for a short time it makes sense, vs only just met and rush to marriage.

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Tbf I’ve known people to get engaged in a similar amount of time, those couples traditionally don’t make it to the alter though. I do wish them all the best though

It is rushed but they’ve known each other for longer than they’ve been dating. They’ve both been in the same system for many years, who knows how close they were before they started dating.

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He’ll definitely get the name hyphenate.