Becky Lynch Chronicle on YouTube

This 30 minute mini documentary WWE released on YouTube about Becky Lynch is AWESOME! Check it out. It’s not as Kayfabe as the Ambrose chronicle but isn’t a straight up doc either. It’s a perfect combination of both that had me smiling, laughing and even more invested in seeing her keep the championship at TLC.


Sweet and Lovely!

WWE gets some things right at least

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I’ll have to give it look. This sounds really cool.

The consistently knock these outa the park. Why the TV can’t take a cue from these idk

Yeh having this on Raw or Smackdown for half an hour over a meaningless 6 man/woman tag would be so much better

Break it into 3 2 minute packages and play em over the course of 3/4 weeks between ppvs to build a character. And it would benefit midcard talent the most. These are the kind of changes I’d like to see that aren’t drastic (the content is already being produced) but would rally change the feel of a long show like Raw

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I’ve just watched the video and all I have to say is wow, such a great video.
Becky Lynch is just awesome!