Becky Lynch returns at SummerSlam, wins SD Women's Championship

Originally published at Becky Lynch returns at SummerSlam, wins SD Women's Championship

Becky Lynch made her unannounced return to WWE on Sunday night, winning the SmackDown Women’s Championship at SummerSlam.

After announcing that Sasha Banks could not compete in the advertised championship match with Bianca Belair, Carmella was brought out as the replacement before Lynch came out to a thunderous reception.

Lynch disposed of Carmella, made the challenger and the match was made official.

After offering a handshake, Becky struck Belair and hit her with the Man-Handle Slam to win the title in 26 seconds.

Becky has been away from WWE programming since May 2020 when she announced she was pregnant.

Becky and her husband Seth Rollins had their first child this past December.

They are people who will justify this as Becky’s massive reaction for the reason for her winning the title, but when you beat your champion in twenty-six seconds. I do not care how big the reception was, you have damaged your champion, Bianca Belair to the point where people no longer see her as special.

This was worse than Kofi losing to Brock Lesner.

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Not watching but what a stupid decision. Belair looks like a complete loser and you fail to deliver on an advertised match

Poor Bianca Belair. From being part of one of the most memorable moments in WrestleMania history in April to being treated like the Honky Tonk Man by August. It’s impressive how WWE could kill my enthusiasm for Becky Lynchs return in just 30 seconds.

Sunday night???