Becky Lynch thinks she'd be fairly good as a pro wrestling commentator

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There is one question that lingers in Becky’s mind when she thinks about the idea. 

Becky Lynch is in the midst of her 15th year as a pro wrestler. While speaking to Richard Deitsch for his Sports Media podcast, Lynch was asked about the idea of transitioning to commentary after her in-ring career is over. 

She thinks she’d be fairly good at it, but has never given it much thought because she doesn’t know how commentators can go through an entire show and not use the restroom. 

God, honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever even considered it (being a commentator), because I just look at Kevin Patrick and Corey Graves and Michael Cole and they’re all incredible. But I just go, how do you hold your pee for that long? (She laughed) And I go, I think I’d be starving. I’m a snacker. I just need my snacks and to keep that energy up for that length of time and not have to pee, I don’t know. I think that’s the reason, so it’s never even been a consideration. But now that we’re talking about it, I think I would be fairly good at it. I do like to talk and I like to watch wrestling and I like to analyze wrestling and give my two cents so, I mean it is something. But again, it comes to this, when you think about it, Raw is over three hours. They gotta hold their pee for that long.

Lynch has been engaged in a feud with Trish Stratus on Monday Night Raw. They are scheduled to clash on the 8/14 episode of the program in Stratus’ home country of Canada. 

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