Becky Lynch was "very apprehensive" about Seth Rollins romance being used on TV

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During a media conference call on Monday, Becky Lynch spoke to POST Wrestling’s Wai Ting about her initial apprehensions regarding WWE’s use of her real-life romance with Seth Rollins in a storyline against Lacey Evans and Baron Corbin ahead of Extreme Rules.

Honestly, I was very apprehensive. Just because… I don’t know that… I don’t know that we needed to see… What I didn’t want was everybody talking about the relationship. What I wanted was two bad asses, two people at the top of their game fighting side-by-side. Not for the world to be reminded every five minutes that this is Becky Lynch’s boyfriend or that’s Seth Rollins’ girlfriend. Which, of course, they didn’t do. They were the masters of subtlety.

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