Behind the Scenes at Mania 34/Roman's best babyface promo

Figured I would drop this here for those that haven’t seen it, the filmmaking crew at WWE continues to be the best in the business.

A huge, some would say YUGE takeaway from this video is at the very end when Roman talks about his wife and kids, how he says before every Mania that he’s “going out there to get some college money” for them before going a bit deeper into how much these events mean to him.

Of course this isn’t the first superstar to have their actual babyface talent completely ignored on TV (Zayn, Apollo come to mind.) But I am absolutely floored that this was not included or featured at all in any build-up to the match with Brock. I’m of the belief that if they had painted Roman as the man in this video, he could very, very easily be a white hot babyface against Brock who would then actually be a total foil to Reigns.

It’s so easy in my eyes to put the ultra private part timer who thinks he’s better than everybody against the full-timer who is fighting not only for the locker room but for his wife and children. Hell, you can even throw in him wanting to earn the respect of the crowd, too.

I think this the clearest evidence there has ever been that Roman can work as a babyface, but Vince’s micromanaging of the character is hamstringing him and probably has robbed Roman and the fans of multiple years of enjoying his work. What do you guys think about this video as a whole and the Roman stuff?


I feel like the goal posts for Reigns is constantly being moved to finalize the self fulfilling prophecy made by his haters who first said “not ready” then it morphed into “taking Bryan’s spot” and “next John Cena” “Vince is pushing him down our throats” and so on and so forth.

He’s going to be around for along time, and could save babies after having 473747485 star matches and still be booed because…reasons.

It’s just spite nowadays. When the biggest names and most respected minds in the pro wrestling business say he has “it” and compliment his skills in the ring…and people use that as “corporate ass kissing” “wanting a job”…it really validates that.

Thanks for posting this. Great clips.

I have always liked Roman’s in ring - truly super. His promo work is getting there!