Being The Elite 93: "Pulled Apart"

Another strong storyline progressing BTE dropped during Raw tonight. It featured Bullet Club in Aussie and had some interaction with the BC-OGs. A very cliffhanger-like ending which the last few episodes have all had since the New Beginning angle. The show feels more like a storyline vechicle than a vlog, but I haven’t minded as the story now dictates it.

The Honor Rising matchups feat Omega and Ibushi w/ Chase Owens against Cody/Hangman/Marty. Marty wasn’t in this episode and I’m very curious how he’ll be presented on Honor Rising

I have this excitement for BTE episodes (it’s going to be my expressio Rewind choice) because I feel the Bucks and Co genuinely care about telling a real complete story, unlike so much of what we get in WWE. I think this portion of the story will have payoffs and it’s definitely added a lot of juice to Omega / Cody, and anticipation of what the Long Beach and All In cards will look like. I am intrigued just how creative NJPW and ROH are allowing these guys to be; it’s a partnership between Booker and talent we’ve not often seen.

They’re not exactly getting this type of airtime to tell this kind of story within New Japan programming alone. New Japan presents its show as sport but this story is very much sports entertainment (in the best way). And what a free throw from Kenny here.


Also at least it sets up why Owens is teaming up with Kenny and Kota for night 1 of Honor Rising.


Yeah, I really liked the logic here. Plus, as Wai said, what a free throw from Omega - I thought he was going to miss!

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Well Marty wasn’t on the NJPW Australian tour.

Nice to see Gambino make a appearance on BTE, thought they would have include more tour footage, like post match promos in Melbourne, but I guess it might be included next time.

Also meet Cody & The Young Bucks at the meet & greet, every time someone was getting a photo Cody would yell out “Wolf Pack!”.

Do you think NJPW (Gedo) has discussed future booking with them, though, as I imagine ROH must have? I’ve often wondered how collaborative ROH and NJPW is on shared talent (protecting guys or further angles) and now with BTE, it’s helping further both promotions storylines and interest w/out detracting from the preferred presentation. It’s cool, different.

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This was a great episode. I am getting the sense that both Kenny and Cody will be removed from Bullet Club at the conclusion of this angle.

We will see a smaller more unified Bullet Club. Cody is set up to even be the heel of heels in this angle sowing dissension amongst “The Elite” and even keeping the Young Bucks away from Kenny at all costs. With the Young Bucks even unwilling to “Too Sweet” the OG’s I feel like that is yet another example of foreshadowing as to who will be left when the dust settles.

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I love the little random things that are being thrown into each episode. Cody trying to persuade the Bucks to go the opposite direction, at the airport. And this can be seen in the background of Kenny’s selfie. The Joey Ryan cameos and the “Let’s go see Nikki Bella, she lives two houses down from here”. My favorite was the last shot of Tama Tonga, not giving two fucks, and can be seen in between the Bucks. Which also makes me wonder if they’re going to tease any kind of tension between Matt and Nick.


I thought the same thing with the last shot, very subtly suggesting tension between the Bucks.

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Bucks leave BC.
Tonga leads BC-OG

I am probably expecting too much but I do want to see some of this play out over Honor Rising. The story has been too good to just paid Marty against Kenny with no explanation

How biting was Kenny’s “three star saviour” jab? Many a true word spoken in a worked shoot. It’d be cool to see that professional jealousy angle coming to the fore with Cody: yes, he has all the freedom and latitude he never could have before he left WWE, but he hasn’t yet turned out any of the instant classics Kenny’s been tossing off nearly every month. Cody being infuriated that the NJPW fans embraced Kenny (despite him ostensibly being a heel) almost solely on the basis of the quality of his matches would add some depth to their feud.

This whole story is extremely interesting to me primarily because of these videos and all these guys posting on social media. Marty Scurll posted on twitter about his 2 upcoming matches against Kenny just saying he doesn’t want to do it but it’s his chance to main event shows. Just a great added detail to something that hasn’t been covered yet.
I will add that this video reminded me how weak the Bullet Club is when you look at the entire group. I mean there was one guy sitting with them who I had no clue who he was (he was between Fale and Owens). Owens is a weak member as well and it’s only really Tama Tonga who has anything going for him, even Fale is just a guy who’s there now.

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@Christian I mean there was one guy sitting with them who I had no clue who he was (he was between Fale and Owens).

That’s Gino Gambino (FKA Mr. Juicy) was Inducted by Bad Luck Fale on November 11th 2017 at MCW November Rain, the same Australian show Okada was on last year.

I had no clue this happened. Shows that divide in the group more though.

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He was in the New Japan Rumble at WK this year; don’t know that I’ve ever seen him in any other Japan-based shows (though I skip a lot of multi-man biz).