Being the Elite thread... (Spoiler Warning)


I enjoyed the Go Home episode it didn’t feel like 25 minutes, It’s so indy and stays true to it I wish they had mic’d Amell/Cody/Daniels better and I enjoyed Cody’s facials when Amell asked for money for wearing a Bucks shirt


Poor poor flip :confused:


I LOVED Cody’s go home promo. He clearly seemed emotional cutting it. And then the tease of Flip as the camera man, so well done. Almost thought Cody would let him All In at the final moment.

The Rey video was weird and real heelish if not for us knowing he’s cool with those guys.

The Marty promo off the top was money. I actually think him beating Okada is very plausible as he may be the next Jr champ and after the unfortunate Hiromu forfeiting the title it could be a way to rehab the champ/belt as strong. Also, him bragging to Osprey he beat Okada when Osprey couldn’t this year is a nice wrinkle to their epic career feud.

Got chills for the closing credit/poster. I’ve said it before but first time I’ve ever had wrestling FOMO. I just hope the show is as hot as I imagine it will be in my head. Really glad to have been along for this ride.

If anyone hasn’t already watched the ALL US or ALL Incoming videos from Cody or NWA I highly recommend them as it really adds context and historical meaning to the show and the Aldis Cody match.


That Rey video was random. Was that the dude who played “Juice” from SOA? I feel it’s either going to be PAC or Flip, whom wins the Battle Royal, and challenges Jay Lethal, later in the night.


Its gonna be Kevin Owens. In return for WWE allowing ROH to use MSG, the made a deal where one of their roster had to be the ROH champ going in. So Owens will show up, since he “quit”, win the battle royal and then win the ROH Title. Defend the title, until losing it in MSG and then return the night after Wrestlemania on Raw.

Or that was my dream.


I didn’t like the Rey bit at all, apart from thinking “Oh hey, that guy was from Sons of Anarchy”. I loved pretty much everything else, the funniest was SCU’s promo and Daniels not being able to catch his breath.


Saw the last video Cody released for All In to go with BTE, and man, I love the mashup between Cody and Amell talking about things, with Daniels just going completely off, and I think at the end of the match it will lead to a respect angle.


The 10Pounda of Gold today was very emotional. Damn, seeing Cody tear up and open up about Dusty. And the old footage they used. This really is an amazing program. Highly recommend checking it out on the NWA yourtube


I just watched the latest episode. It’s terrific. Cody vs Aldis should absolutely be the main event.


The only reason it may not be is purely to avoid the vanity of it all. The guy who promoted the show and booked his own card booking himself to win the title opens itself up for the haters post show.

I have to applaud Aldis as he really has carried himself as a major champion. The look. The size. The subtle arrogance.
That said - if the NWA is running their own show in October and wants to be in the collaboration business there is no better and more viable an option than Cody right now to take that title to ROH, Japan, LongBeach. Can’t see ROH or New Japan saying no.
Nobody will ever mistake the NWA title for being more prestigious than the IWGP, and for ROH, well they are in the collab business. ROH alone can’t do 10k or the Garden so it is in their best interest now and forever to stay collaborating with those other entities who bring talent to bolster cards. What ROH has in Sinclair tv is the equalizer. Good business being done by all.


I agree with you about Aldis, he’s probably been the best choice as champ since Adam Pearce vacated it and while I do enjoy both Satoshi Kojima & Hiroyoshi Tenzan, they probably shouldn’t have been NWA World champ. I think everything you said about Aldis is true and he just comes off as a true, top level world champion and with strong booking behind him could make a difference. But as you said, in terms of getting that title out there and getting eyes on it, Cody would be the better choice and he showed that he has that World champ aura as well during his ROH title reign.
I will add though that even if they don’t do the title change, it’s added more attention to the NWA title and that belt is going to be defended on one of the biggest US indy shows ever, so it’s in my better standing then it was.


Case in point: I’ve subscribed to the NWA YouTube page and will definitely tune in to Amy videos they do going forward regardless of who is involved. This got my eyes on it but the production value and ability to convey story has me hooked. Not so unlike BTE. Just innovative story telling (or smart new ways to tell age old stories) in wrestling to me is so refreshing.


to prove I’m not a schill for everything BTE - I don’t fully get the idea of the 11,263 shirt. If you weren’t there why would you buy the shirt?

I remember when my alma matter Syracuse sold over 35k to a basketball game. The largest attended on campus college basketball game of all time (at the time, I think they’ve since broke it). I bought a shirt because I was there. But to buy the All In attendance shirt when you were there?..hope I’m not offending anyone who already hit buy


Soon as they mentioned the ‘Ten Pounds of Gold’ videos during All In - I went to check it out and instantly subscribed. I love the idea of the NWA title being elevated to this level where the video follows the belt any by extension the champion who holds it. I am only on episode 4 or 5 at this point but they are short, and really well made and they harkon back to a time where titles made the man.


Does anyone have a gif of Matt or Nick doing the Elite hand motion?


Holy shit…47 min episode of BTE. I’m gonna order some food and watch this.


So, I watched it and I was a little underwhelmed. I dont know…I guess I was expecting something more. I saw a lot of Starrcast, so that stuff wasnt any interest to me. I did like seeing the Bucks arriving in Chicago and seeing the guys in the arena as everything is being built. Stuff like watching the monitor for Jerichos attack and planning Codys entrance was cool. I loved the bit with Amell & Hurricane, that was the best part in my opinion.

The stuff at the end with Kenny/Cody/Flip/Brandi was horrible. Some of the worst stuff I’ve seen on BTE. It was not funny and I do not want to see any more poop jokes on this show. That is WWE type material.

I was hoping we’d get some appearances from Joey Janela or MJF or Pentagon, who dont ever get to be on the show.


47 minutes!!! This is my wrestlemania!!! May have to cancel dinner plans! Hahahah


Ten Pounds of Gold also dropped and it is excellent.


More like all in poo :poop: