Being the Elite thread... (Spoiler Warning)


I don’t know how much ha ha you could expect with the very busy week they had, from them having to go to Target to make sure there was enough bottles of water. I saw it more as riding along for an important experience, and if you want to read too much into something “More like All in Poo” would make it sound like this was a 1 off


10 pounds of gold was excellent if you’re looking for more serious


Great episode. The Joey Ryan rehab segment was hilarious. Everything that guy does, is money.


Kota Ibushi hugging Pharoh in 10lbs of Gold was priceless


I have a confession:
I just Matt Jackson’d my signature while picking up chicken fingers at the pizza place next door.
The guy who knows me there couldn’t keep a straight face


and what does that mean? says the person late to the party


Something like this.


Finally a new episode and it was a great one. Glad to see Arthur & Trevor back, after I thought they were written out at All In. They’re always a highlight for me. I liked the note from HHH to Hangman with the boots and the stuff with the clock/countdown. A lot of stuff about their contracts. It should be an interesting few months.


I like how Arthur and Trevor showed up with SCU as many feel it’s them who play them.


I think this episode made it obvious that SCU is Arthur & Trevor. There was some audio editing done whenever the 2 spoke.


In less than 48 hours the most recent episode has about 127k views. Question:
Do we think that the majority of the audience for BTE is agnostic as to which company the group wrestles for?

I ask because I can’t help be feel I’m rooting 100% for these guys to stay out of WWE. This is for various reasons and not because I hate WWE. I’m curious where others fall, and whether these guys are taking into account (I’m sure they are) where their current support wants to see them. If they went to ‘E, would half the viewership groan? More than half? (Obviously an impossible question, just curious others sentiment on it).

It is obvious they will play up the whole decision and contract situation in this season of BTE (I’m dubbing this season 4 - which the others being everything up to Cole leaving, ep 100, All In). It’ll be fascinating to me to see whether the pay off is something that turns fans off. I don’t think they’ve run into this dilemma before.


Kota staring at Arthur at the open is sooo good. I love how Kota is part of this show and pretty much looks like he hasn’t a clue what’s going on