Being the Elite thread... (Spoiler Warning)


Yes. You are correct. James Ellsworth’s appearance on Episode #125, “Possessed”, will possibly be his first and last appearance on “Being the Elite”.


Another good episode I thought. I’m really enjoying all the stuff with “H” and now “SML”. I’m glad they gave notes to Daniels & Kazarian too. I wasnt expecting that, but its a good tease for them. I like how they called out pretty much that the SCU skits have been lame recently. Loved Yujiro making his return too.


It wasn’t bad at all but I don’t like the Cody character at all. Think it’s the eyes that turn me off it.


The eyes threw me off too, but I like the character. Cody seems to trolling, and feeding the fire for the marks out there wondering where “The Elite” will turn up in 2019.

I wonder, ever since Cody, Kenny, and The Bucks have said they aren’t part of Bullet Club anymore and with Hangman, and Marty are “The Elite” where does that leave Chase Owens and Yujiro? Neither of them really seem to have a faction anymore.


Better question: where does it leave Kota Ibushi?!

They were very direct in calling Kota Kenny and the Bucks “The Golden Elite” but now with the whole group being Elite, Kota is once again on the outside.

Chase needs to do his own thing in New Japan because he’s lacking real direction and he’s a useful talent there I think. Yujiro is a great pop for me on BTE but he’s pretty bad in ring and I don’t care much for his bootleg Godfather Schlick.


True, it feels more like Kota is Kenny’s arm candy more than a member of the team anymore. I wonder if the arc with the Golden Lovers reunion was from before NJPW went into the international direction and they are working on slowly phasing it out because Kenny is a big singles star and you don’t want to overshadow the Bucks as a tag team.

I worry that Chase will end up like David Finlay - a guy with loads of potential but with a bit of a soggy midsection that won’t be pushed out of the lower-card, and will live his life as enhancement talent or wrestling as a backup for Taguchi Japan.

I like Yujuro, he is limited skill wise but I love his quick leg drops. I think he is cooler than the Godfather and he was the first Japanese member of BC - I wish they would do something with him.


I wonder if all of the transitions and the phasing out of wrestlers is due to the members of the Elite’s contracts ending at the end of the year. I think Kenny Omega’s contract is up in January. The only unknown is Marty Scurll’s contract.


Definitely feels like NJPW hedges against guys leaving as they did with Kenny and AJ.
If the story plays out that Kota is now the one who doesn’t want to be in Kenny’s shadow after the years of Kenny’s desire to break out on his own without Ibushi then the eventual blow off match is going to be so full of emotion and set up a perfect ending to a story that’s literally been years. Real life stuff aside, it’s hard not to look at however it plays out as a complete saga.


On a side note, I want to see an Ibushi vs Jay White feud. A pure babyface vs a pure heel.


Is the Ibushi challenge for the Open belt going to be on a Tag League show?
I would like to see him and Osprey at WK for the Never Open belt if only because that would be a good match for Osprey to move to heavyweight. Not because that belt actually matters.


It is on a Tag League show I believe. I think Ibushi is winning the title and either defends against Ospreay or a triple threat with Ospreay/Goto. I’m leaning more towards the triple threat right now, because I dont see what they give Goto if not for that.


Holy shit!! Cody’s background segment had me rolling!!


This was one of the great episodes of all time, in my opinion.


The standout this week for me has to be Christopher Daniels, he just hit a home run and his reaction to the star dust shot to his eyes was great.


CD breaking away from SCU on to bigger and better segments. Loved the Fallen Angel then, love it now!

Cody doing poses in the background was money.

And like with any great finish, even though it was telegraphed when he said the Revivals name and move, it got a pop from me



By far the best episode they have done! Cody needs all the awards for his possession gimmick


I feel like such a mark when Cody spits a fact I already know.

Also it called him Cody Rhodes in the title. Way to own that name!!!


I did love how Cody walked up and said hi to the “boss” at the beginning. Also Daniels was the stand out in the episode, I bet that’s his actual PayPal as well.


No lie? I busted out laughing at the Cody/H “NXT photo” part, especially when Cody was standing slightly behind “H” as the camera takes the shot!


Another strong episode with further preogression to CDs story. I sadly had trouble understanding Yujiro this week - anyone catch what he said?

The ending has me thinking we are building to a All In - Double or Nothing show announcement OR the AEW announcement. Either way, Nicks visions have previously paid off bit so I suspect we’re getting something along those lines.

I’m also anticipating a payoff to this Marty Jan 1 party story. It’s been too played to not have an actual payoff on Jan 1.
Wasn’t it Pollock who said they should build to a show on Jan 1 that drops at midnight where their decision is announced. I would love a Marty’s Party episode along those lines.