Being the Elite thread... (Spoiler Warning)


I think the Marty storyline is due to him being contracted to ROH for another year. Where as everyone else is leaving. Cody’s dog with the money shakes was hilarious!!:joy::joy:


Pretty sure Yujiro said “what the fuck are these trademarks?” referring to the rumours of All Elite Wrestling.


Is that for sure? I didn’t know that he was under contract another year, ouch


I’m not entirely positive. But I could’ve sworn that John and Wai mentioned something about the Elite’s contract.


Yujiro for the win!

I’m glad I’m going to Final Battle 2018…would now expect an angle there. Do we think the note was intended for Marty and if so, how’s that make sense since he doesn’t have a cease and desist against him.


I’m not crying. You’re crying


I think i made a mistake by not submitting the countdown for angle of the year.


That was a fantastic episode from start to finish. One of their best.


With the Bucks joining Cody that they will not be on the MSG show, it has me both bummed but wondering if MSG is a future destination for Double or Nothing.
Also, Kenny telling Marty he’ll be at his party…could it mean Kenny isn’t leaving NJPW as soon as The Bucks and Cody? Would be a huge blow to lose all of them from that card.


Ahem… in regards to the game Kenny’s quest…

Just shut up and take my money.


You had me at Kenny’s Quest.
This was fantastic. Idk what it is or what the purpose was but I am here for it.


Matt just announced the episode drops at 3am Eastern time tonight


There it is Meltzer just posted an audio on all the details


I loved the cross over of Kenny and Undertake!


The episode left so many quesrions but I enjoyed the reveal. Ready for more in 2019.

Hangman as a member of the roster while the 3 promoters got the Show was a nice touch.

No Marty as apparently Adam Cole rsvp from the dead to his new year’s party.


New episode just came out. Anyone have an idea of what is going on in the final scene? It could possibly be a foreshadowing for Kushida or Omega.


I feel like it will be a countdown to their first event. After this episode, I really think Kenny is going to WWE.


Kenny’s phone is ticking - he mentioned earlier that he lost then the final scene is presumably his phone. Strongly suggests that Kenny is joining AEW.
Loved Marty in this episode.


Totally didnt put together the part about Kenny losing his phone and the phone at the end. Good catch. Now I’m second guessing my thought of him going to WWE.


I’d love to see Kenny in the WWE. Granted if the contract was only for a year.