Being the Elite thread... (Spoiler Warning)


Well they’re trying to create ambiguity so just wait and see I guess!


Kenny said he will “definitely” see Marty soon (MSG) and the phone being lost (in Japan) and the ticking clock will be the eventual reveal of AEW for him.

(Or a small detour at Wrestlemania to wrestle a particular someone that kept showing up on the Instagram feeds of the Young Bucks)

I loved this episode considering all the speculation.


What’s the chance that Kenny debuts in the WWE and his first feud and match is against HHH?:joy::joy:. We all want that AJ match, but somehow, HHH has to have that premier match, every year.:man_facepalming:t4:


Well it won’t be at Mania, I think he wouldn’t be cleared til May with the surgery on the pec.


You know I made the exact same comment to my buddy who doesn’t watch outside wwe wrestling who asked me who would be the best Omega match at Mania


I don’t know why you guys are talking about Styles or HHH. There’s only one choice for Kenny at Wrestlemania. It’s obviously the Best in the World Shane Mcmahon.


Of course we’re all assuming that Kenny is skipping the NXT brand. I wouldn’t mind him debuting at the Takeover that is around Money In The Bank, against Aleister Black. Btw, if it was five years ago, Kenny would’ve been renamed Larry Alpha.


And 20 years ago he would have been Master Beta.


He’d be tagging with Meat/Shawn Stasiak, whom was managed by PMS.:joy::joy:


I will burn my Kenny Omega merch if he debuts at Wrestlemania against anyone not named AJ Styles and loses to anyone not named AJ Styles I’m said debut.

If I am fantasy booking I do AJ / Kenny - which when it ends cleanly quickly turns into the Undisputed Era debut where Kenny sells like a maniac for the appearance of Adam Cole. Then I’d pair off UE vs The Club (AJ Finn Doc and Anderson) and Kenny exits stage right and immediately goes and tells The Elite he is sorry for leaving them and it was awful and he was visited by all these ghosts and The Elite doesn’t believe him and tells him the guys he’s naming are all dead and the punch line being the WWE will really fuck you up man.


If the timer / ticking ends when Kenny gets his phone back and they do some corny bomb spot where there’s a massive explosion (edits of course) and they presume Kenny is gone and dead. Would be a crafty way of writing him off.

We all think it’s a big AEW reveal but instead it just detonated :joy:


Better keep some lighter fluid handy if he signs a WWE deal.

AJ Styles was already a “50/50 guy” by February after his debut at the Rumble, and he lost his Wrestlemania debut to Jericho. Samoa Joe got a win over Roman Reigns but then became a "50/50 guy: and wasn’t booked for his first Mania on the main roster. And THEN both guys got a run as serious main eventers. It’s just the way things work.

Nakamura actually got a pretty decent push upon being called up from NXT, culminating in a WWE TItle program that resulted in a series of losses to Jinder Mahal.

Obviously, none of this was the “end all, be all” for these guys on the main roster (nor would it be for Omega), but anybody thinking that Kenny or any other debuting talent is going to be the face of the company in 2-3 months probably needs to temper their expectations.


Tbh, I wouldn’t mind seeing Kenny debut against Sami Zayn at Wrestlemania. Similar to how Nakamura debuted at Takeover in Dallas.


Nooooo I don’t think he will be or should be the face. Nor do I think he should go over AJ.
But if he comes in and is paired with Hunter or Cena or some other WWE lifer, that’s when the I clean out the cleaner merch.

I suppose I could be open to something with Bryan or Finn or Rollins. Something that has meaning or appeal. Not classic Vince/HHH self importance


What is wrong with a Kenny Omega vs John Cena match? I’d rather see that than get my hopes up for an Omega/Styles match, that wont live up to what they could do in New Japan, so we just end up disappointed.


Great point.
But if they just put Cena over Kenny. Attitude adjust me please.

Whatever, it just boils down to me not trusting WWE to book anyone well. I digress. Excited for the rally today.


I feel like this is not the same old John Cena. I think he probably would be cool with putting Kenny over.


But would Vince sign off on that?

Not mentioned and really not newsworthy from yesterday’s episode but I loved seeing Okada running around with Matt and Nick’s kids. You forget how long they all know each other and are real friends. I like the personal anecdotes we get from time to time.


I think if he’d sign off on Becky owning Cena, he’d be down with putting Kenny over.


The Man does what The Man wants!