Being the Elite thread... (Spoiler Warning)


Yeah, tbh, I’m having a difficult time trying to pick a legit tag team opponent for the Bucks. A “Dream Match”, instead of against a team that they face 20 times before. Maybe vs. Cody & Marty. The Bucks already wrestled them at PWG, but Pentagon Jr and Fenix. Shit, maybe Pete Dunn & Tyler Bate.


Jackson Brothers vs Rhodes Brothers is the best I can think of as far as a dream scenario, considering where this would be


Just saw the new episode this afternoon (a nice cure for a boring day at work). The Kenny video was great and I did get a good laugh at the ‘edited’ version that reminded me of a moment on the Simpsons with Homer’s interview on TV being doctored. The Bucks different reactions at the end also have me very intrigued of how they will do the match on the weekend and I can’t wait to watch it.


The way they all play off the absurdity is fun. I’d be concerned about shananigans in the Golden Lovers / Bucks match, except I feel pretty confident NJPW would never do that.

I do think there will be a big angle on the show however that sets the course of Bullet Club in Japan on a different path.

I saw that the 100th episode will be tied in to Super Card of Honor. That equals 1 a week which is a bummer. I look forward to these as much as anything in Wrestling right now


Reason 754 I love BTE and it’s cast - they gave storyline meaning to the belt that already played a major role in the match! Marking out :ok_man:

BTE, NJPW and ROH have maximized a YouTube show to tell a complete story with multiple big matches and payoffs and handed trust and control over to a group of wrestlers. This story has done what they set out to do - Change The [Wrestling] World


Man, they wasted zero time in putting out a new episode. For some reason, I only remember Matt wearing the belt last night. I love how Cody’s personality resembles Dennis Reynolds’ from “IASIP”. Ironically, “the Villain” is the most level-headed guy in the group.


Only Matt wore it but it makes sense. The other guys wear trunks and Nick has been skeptical. I actually was wondering if they taped the post match before the actual match. I can’t picture them filming after that encounter. Hangman seemed too “fine”


Another good episode and really striking while the iron was hot. It was good to see some stuff tied in nicely and glad to see a funny followup with Hangman losing it even further with Joey Ryan in his head. Also a good ending with Nick finally being the one who comes out and says Cody can’t be trusted.


Just saying Bucks split is still absolutely on the table. I was wrong on the allegiances in my initial suggestion. Nick would go with Kenny and Matt with Cody… but it’s all still there.


That would be an interesting scenario, especially if they still team as the Bucks but they rift within the team because of the strain within Bullet Club.


I’m more and more convinced we are going to be getting The Young Bucks vs. The Rhodes Brothers (Dustin and Cody) at ALL IN. It feels like the perfect match for the show and I could actually see Dustin either getting permission or stepping away from WWE to do it (the show’s similarity to Starrcade is remarkable).

I wouldn’t mind a tease of breaking up the Bucks but I really do not want to see them as individual performers for any extended period. And now in Heavyweight there is fresh competition for them in NJPW and I cannot imagine they’d book them to move up only to let them divide.


I don’t see any chance of the Bucks breaking up and the WWE is really petty, so I don’t see them letting Dustin do the show either.


What did everyone think of Episode 100?!

I laughed hearing about the old bits, and was genuinely bummed when it ended. Is this it? Is BTE done?

I could see them taking a long hiatus and letting things cool until All In is closer and build the push there. Or relaunching separate shows on the same channel? I have a feeling whatever it is will be creative!


I seriously have no clue. I laughed hard during the FTR reference and Matt says, “ Oh yeah, but they’re not relevant anymore.” Actually, there’s so much more story with the Bucks, Kenny, and Cody. I don’t think they’re taking a break. Maybe Marty is taking a vacation.

Btw, hopefully “ALL IN” is streaming on the web. Especially now that Okada is on the show.


Besides the Hangman Page/Joey Ryan storyline i love the show.


Glad to see that BTE was brought back. Jay Lethal getting knocked out and doing a very brief Macho Man impression with Lenny Poffo was funny. I’m kind of interested with where they’re going with Kenny and how they’re going to be bringing him back to the fold.


I thought the reason Flip gave the Bucks to start the show back up was funny and I would gather next week is probably covering the Dontaku shows.


Excited to have it back. Didn’t feel like this was a full episode though and would have liked it to still be part of the teasers they were doing. All in all it really doesn’t matter but without a montage to Warriors Cry it doesn’t feel like a real ep for me. Also, interesting new intro. Looking forward to what they have planned out.


Another great episode. Marty breaking kayfabe and unable to keep a straight-face was hilarious. SCU shitting on the town they’re visiting was pretty funny. Any predictions on the long-term storyline involving Omega, Ibushi, and the Bucks? For some reason, I’m thinking that Ibushi is going to end up turning on Kenny and possibly siding with Cody.


Great episode this week. Really enjoy the new “production” elements they are trying as now it seems they are tongue and cheek’ing the fact it is a TV show. The cut to Kenny was great and I really enjoyed the continued nuance in story telling. Great recall to the room in Japan. Also, there was this dope sweatshirt that makes me think :thinking: