Being the Elite thread... (Spoiler Warning)


It was a great episode. I especially liked the cliffhanger between Matt and Kenny. I missed the “Chicago Made” T-shirt, but it would be cool if Punk did something heel like cause Kenny Omega to lose. Which wouldn’t guarantee a match, but at least tease one.


I’m interested to know if New Japan are in on these guys or at least have shared some decisions with them. I’m only thinking this because of Omega’s message of “I’ll call after Dominion”


Have read multiple accounts that they are aware of what they need to know in terms of setting up matches - I.e the Golden Lovers v Bucks


Episode 104 was my favorite episode in a long time and I’m curious if others enjoyed some of the same elements I did:

  • as Kenny was talking I thought to myself oh they should do a Rocky type montage. And like good creative - it delivered. Kenny looks really great.
  • I continue to enjoy the way the Bucks find ways to keep to the roots of the show as a vlog. The stuff in Reseda was cool to get a glimpse of.
  • while I don’t know if I love the new overt bits everyone now has, I do enjoy the mini segments with everyone which again plays to the roots when they’d even release the segment bits stand alone

It also is weird to see how much like Dusty Cody looks like in the passsport picture.
I think All In get streamed now that it’s become a thing in the show

I’m doing BTE for my rewind and know we have some fans of the show @Kahiliaulani and everyone else on this thread. I’m making a list of a few for the guys to watch but if anyone has favorites please let me know.


I still have to watch today’s episode. But man, I remember when you first requested BTE for “Rewind-a-Wai”. There’s been so much added content to BTE, since then.


Kenny looks ripped. That little bit of him training, got me even more hyped for Dominion. I do not like the “Cody 2020” stuff. I think that is my least favourite bit on the show.

Flip has been a great regular addition. I like the stuff with him and Marty. I also enjoy the little bits with SCU & Jay Lethal.


Fun fact as I have researched more BTE in prep for my rewind…
On an episode of ECW in WWE, Matt and Nick Jackson actually were used as Indy talent pretending to be HHH and HBK. It really changed the way I watched and feel about some of the more early, waaaayyyy over the top DX skits with Kenny.


These are great! thought I’d post here. also I recommend the twitter account if you enjoy BTE and NJPW


We need more Flip and Marty episodes. They have such great chemistry!! I loved the cliffhanger at the end. For some reason, I don’t think Adam Page is the culprit. Btw, it’s ridiculous that Okada just turned 30. Nick Jackson and Adam Cole are both 28. It’s insane how much these guys accomplished in their wrestling careers at such a young age.


Don’t you mean Adam Cole would be 28? Or his ghost is 28?


He would have been 28. But his ghost is only 1.


Hopefully we’ll get more of these…


Going through the old BTE episodes. IMO, Adam Cole was a better fit for “the Club” than Cody. And we never got that blow-off match between Omega and Adam Cole.


the Early stuff now is very cool to go back and watch. interestinf how much is similar and different to current eps.


Are you up soon?


Few weeks. Let me know if you have eps you want in particular


Time to throw a flag on me right here, but I haven’t seen any of them!! I know, I know, terrible by me. Omega’s hair use to put me on tilt. Totally unfair on my part. I’ll head to the penalty box. I did enjoy his matches of late and listened to him on the E&C pod. I’m down with the Bucks. They’re probably what wrestling should be as far as the blend of everything they bring. Gigantic fan of Cody. I thought he was Threemendous (whoops borrowing a PWG show name), I mean tremendous in the WWE. I’m not one where the 5 most popular wresters are my top 5. I enjoy watching everyone on the card and see what all can do.

I thought Cody had by far the best promo of 2013 with his promo to Dusty post match at Battleground after he wailed on Goldust. Nobody cared cause 1) the finish of their match was a little wonky and 2) most fans already make up their mind on good/bad before the deeds are even performed. I try not to do that.

I actually got to meet Cody last year and I’m not joking, I had no bleeping idea there was going to be wrestling at where I was going. I show up (not at a wrestling place) and Hacksaw Duggan is inside of ring doing his shtick and I’m just like WTF? Cody stayed afterwards and I got to chat with him a bit. I told him I always dug that Stardust stood on the barricade before the match (instead of like the 2nd turnbuckle). He got a kick out of that. Anyhoo, I said on here that I wasn’t that impressed that they got 10G’s, not to be a jerk about it at all, I just thought they’d be able to do it pretty easily.

When I posted the Pharaoh picture in the other thread, I had no idea who that is! (other than being advertised for All-In so I can certainly guess). The only Pharaoh I know is Triple Crown winner American Pharaoh. By the way, I’m predicting Justify is going down next Saturday in his quest for the Triple Crown! Not happening!

I know I’m monsterly (shut up spell check I’m using monsterly) behind on BTE and there’s like 100 episodes? You tell me, should I rip through them all? If yours isn’t for a few weeks, I’ll have time. Should I?


Rip through them all! The progression from beginning to now is so awesome to track. I didn’t get in til last year around this time when Marty joined and Adam died (RIP).
The video @Kahiliaulani posted is one of the first ever uploaded to the channel. It’s hilarious! Kenny is undisputedly one of the best 5 wrestlers active today and is a complete clown in most of those early videos. He embodies the awesome nerd persona in a way that makes me aspire to be my most real self.
The early days have a bunch of clips cut out if you wanna take those in and then dive in around ep 12/13.
I’ll spoil this piece here - now that they are doing “season 2” it is really cool to see them use call backs to moments earlier. The last episode did that in ways that made me hit another level of appreciation.

The Bucks are creative in the way wrestling needs to be. Yes, they can be ridiculed for being DX ripoffs early on but they know exactly what strings to pull and how to make things their own like any good cover band and they’ve had their own original hits as well. They’ve used these videos to enhance storylines in ways that have added emotion and intrigue to matches. Win or lose at Dominion - BTE has already set up interest in Kenny’s emotional state after the match. That’s next level story telling that frankly WWE hasn’t done. It’s a reason I think the Bucks and Kenny, if they can, will avoid WWE. All In success helps that become a reality.
Sorry if this reads as a fan boy


Tbh, I kind of wish they taper off on the storylines for a little bit and temporarily return to the documentary mode.


This actually was part of what I enjoyed about last ep: both the PWG stuff and Kenny’s training felt more doc-style than the bits.