Being the Elite thread... (Spoiler Warning)


Yea the Cruise seems like a safe bet. Due to Jericho’s affiliation with WWE, I can see Vince letting him use some talent, cause there is no way Vince will let them wrestle in New Japan. Its just not gonna happen. Nor will Vince support All In. But the comment about neutral ground seemed to definitely point to the cruise. I would love to see that. Cause New Day, like with alot of others in WWE are probably capable of much more than WWE will let them do. I’d love to see what they can do in a match with the Bucks and Omega if the shackles are off.


I might be wrong, but I thought Jericho tried to get WWE to allow their wrestlers on his cruise and WWE refused. Which is the reason why his cruise is so ROH and NJPW roster heavy.


I think All In is more likely than the cruise. They’ve already teased the Bucks of Jericho/Or is it Y2Jackson team up for the cruise, so I think they’ll go with them against SCU.


It’s interesting that not too long ago just taking a picture with the Bullet Club got you fired (Jimmy Jacobs) and now there’s lots of coverage of the New Day with the Elite. Different circumstances I guess.


Interesting how if you sell 10k tickets in 30 minutes the WWE takes notice and rides your coat tails to look “cool” to that wrestling portion of the audience. I’ll be the first to admit - I got re-interested in the New Day who I think have been pretty redundant for the last year because of this. I’m definitely the mark WWE is trying to keep happy with crossovers like this.


It is a natural crossover if you follow either Omega or Xavier, both have had a “rivalry” with each other over twitter for some time now. But I do agree that WWE have seemingly jumped on this more after All In and Omega’s success in New Japan.


Not Being The Elite, but Cody has his own YouTube channel now. Its a good watch.


Another great episode with a cliffhanger ending. I hope these guys never sign with the WWE. If so, maybe for a one-off like Jushin Liger.


Well Pollock will be happy to know that it was Christopher Daniels that shot J.R. lol.


I was trying to explain BTE to a friend - not the storyline, but how the group (including Bullet Club) has hustled outside of the WWE and make something that is a pretty big machine on their own. I know my friend is a Barstool Sports follower so I likened it to that - the underdog company who just hustled and hustled and sold merch and built a loyal backing until they became undeniable. I even went as far as saying when ESPN wanted to have a Barstool Show, it’s like recently WWE was promoting these guys to get the added publicity within the wrestling community. I thought it was a great comparison - not sure how many here are familiar with Barstool. I’m only a fringe follower myself and not a fan of much of their schtick, but I cannot deny the hustle and marketing success, which is a talent in its own right. Much like the Bucks and Co. who have detractors in their style. It’s impossible to knock what they’ve been able to accomplish.

Here is a Tweet Thread I created that I hope gets seen by some of the people tagged:


Nice man, I just started following you on Twitter. I’m not totally familiar with Barstool. I’ve heard of it, never looked into it though. I think the Bullet Club blew up because, 1. Prince Devitt finally turned heel. 2. It’s pretty much the first dominate, granted from my own perspective, gaijin faction to dominate NJPW. 3. People around the world was and is tired of the same old WWE, soap opera bullshit. We just want wrestling and these guys kicked ass. Except for when Jeff Jarrett joined the BC, which was weird.


I liken BTE’s success to Barstool (obviously on a way smaller scale) because of what those guys have been doing marketing wise and grass roots growth, to the point where they have made it legit and the big leagues recognize it as such.

Agree with you about Bullet Club. I’d say BTE has far exceeded Bullet Club popularity. If The Bucks, Kenny and Cody left BC outright, they’d still be selling merch in ways Bullet Club I don’t think can anymore.


That’s the one shitty part about the storyline and kayfabe. Merchandise is so off-the-hook right now, that I’m not sure if it’s even worth a gamble for NJPW to even try to do any kind of a break with the BC. The only way is for Tama Tonga and Fale to do it with an over-gaijin. Like Daniel Bryan or maybe Y2J?


I noted somewhere else I think that making Tama a strong leader who craves his own path out and takes back control can help make him look strong while re-establishing the Bullet Club. They did those exhibition matches with no stakes which felt silly at the time and even moreso now unless it’s not in their plans to make Tama and Co strong.
I’d book Ishimori and GOD strong the fall and in the tag tournaments. That Tag League could potentially feature the Bucks and Golden Lovers so a nice run there could re-elevate GoD. Fale would be a great challenger in Aus for Omega to go over. It’s just what do they wanna do and when. Or nothing and ride what hot.


I totally agree. Yeah brotha, I just looked at the schedule and your Rewind-show is coming up in about a month, so looking forward to it. Best of luck!!


Wai started doing reviews of BTE in the Overrun and I am glad because it’s going to be a great contrast from the episodes I’m targeting to have them watch. I started from the beginning and am up to 40. It’s been a fun rewatch. Especially the stuff with Cole which came slightly before I went All In on them.


The Villain vs The Rainmaker


Didn’t see that coming! (Makes sense given NJPW wouldn’t book this). Gives hope for Marty and Rey in New Japan!


Now that’s a match I didn’t know I needed to see before it was announced. That should be great.


Who goes over in this match? On paper, it should be Okada. But it’s also a show ran by “The Elite”.