Being the Elite thread... (Spoiler Warning)


I like the name of the Firing Squad and this has to be a vehicle for Tama Tonga. Loa and Fale don’t do much for me, Fale especially feels like he’s just there. It’s the same with Chase Owens, they feel like bodies to add numbers but New Japan do get behind Fale more often than Owens. Anyways, I feel like Tama is going to have a strong G1 and will end up beating Omega in it so that a title match is made.


I think we are going to get a heavy push for Fale, maybe even more than Tama. His Dojo in Aus (or NZ?) and his ability to help that market grow I would suspect a big match for him down under at some point with Kenny.


“Have you tried isolating a body part?”


“And what the fuck is Haku’s problem?”:joy::joy::joy:


Poor Chase.


I actually think some members may wind up back with Bullet Club during the G1 tours. Like it wouldn’t surprise me if Chase turns on Kenny in a tag and sides with the Tongans. Tama made it clear in his interview with SI that the door isn’t fully closed if guys wanna be like he OG feel bullet Club.

Also - it’s crazy to me I just cited a SI interview as a place where some of the best story telling in wrestling is being told. But the truth is these guys are expanding boundaries of where stories can play out and angles be done.


I personally feel that with Chase, if they don’t do a breakup of Kenny and Kota, I would love to have Chase be available for them to have a trio’s team. I remember back in February with him being with the GL and thought there was a lot of potential as a three man team.


I’m adding Chase to a guy I want to see more out of and even think he should have been included in the G1 to help create more Bullet Club matches with Fale and Tama. Seriously he’s not worse than Yoshi


Yeah, guaranteed Chase will be in those early G1 tag matches. Also Tokyo Pimp, Tama and Tanga Loa’s younger brother, and Ishimori.


The legendary announce team for All-In:


Where are the masked dude and the girl from?


Alicia Atout has her own show on Youtube, where she interviews wrestlers at Indy shows. She is also a backstage interviewer for Impact Wrestling. The guy in the mask is Excalibur, whom is the play-by-play guy for PWG.


This feels like too many for a broadcast team. I’m assuming callis, riccaboni & Excalibur for commentary? Roberts & Cruise for ring announcing and Atout & Mooney for interviews? I’d remove Excalibur, Cruise & Atout


I could see each set calling different matches. Based on where talent is from


It does seem a little overkill. But always great to have a backup plan. Besides, I’m really looking forward to listening to the back-and-forth between Don Callis and Excalibur, whom, IMO, is super underrated.


I could see Callis, Excalibur and Riccaboni as a 3 man team. Mooney and Atout doing interviews, then Roberts and Cruise switching ring announcing. I am surprised that they didn’t put Brandi in there as well but I’m guessing she’s either gonna be wrestling or managing Cody, more the latter I’m assuming.


Well that is one way to definitely promote Jericho’s cruise, that would be a fun match to watch live. I never knew Mario Tennis could be so violent.


Kenny you a fucking racist?


I enjoyed Cody getting rid of his Alpha Club pin when Marty told him about it. It’s those little things I love so much


I really enjoyed Juice in this episode, “They’re your boys! You love them boys!”. It also made Fale’s shirt make sense.