Being the Elite thread... (Spoiler Warning)


I listened to Post and Observer mention the Video Game scene and leave out Hangman Page was playing as Wario while doing his split personality storyline

Also… No Jay Lethal


I picked up on the whole Mario Wario thing andthought it was very clever. for as homey as some of it is the level of thought and detail is very neat


I would love if the next time Jay is one he switches to Black Machismo and freaks out because he’s the world champ! He can redo the Wrestlemania 8 promo. Although I think Jay may have more on his mind at the moment with the recent allegations about him.


Still a good idea


Juice, Yujiro and Chase should be on more often, they’ve had good moments with the g1.

“Joey Janela, bad ass? He’s a garbage indy fuckwad.” Ah Yujiro you did it again.


That Cody bit with the $25 Cracker Barrel card was hilarious. I thought for sure they would have Hangman vs Joey Ryan. The Janela match should be killer. Colt’s intense motivational speech was pretty badass. Btw, are they throwing out subtle hints that Colt is in the bear costume? The bear shoulder bumped Nick in the beginning of the episode and Colt bumped Flip after the NWA match.


I didnt like this episode too much. I thought it was one of the weaker ones they’ve had in a while and I didnt even think of the Cabana/Burnard shoulder bumping stuff. I dont like the idea of it being him, but I can see it happening. It makes sense being in Chicago and all.


I looked it up and Nashville isn’t even named after Kevin Nash!
You really can’t help but feel for Flip but I didn’t like how Colt had a go at him after losing, thought they would have had him support him a bit. Suppose it adds to the “kick him while he’s down” that they were doing.


While it was a weaker storyline episode it had some incredible lines:

I agree I fully expected Hangman v Joey Ryan but it doesn’t hurt that they are completely mixing it up. I’d still expect Joey Ryan involvement.


Great episode this week. Okada, Juice & Taka were hilarious. Juice is becoming a highlight and I hope we get more Taka too, he’s great. I havent been too into Cody’s storyline, but I thought it was hilarious this week. Most importantly though, the Young Bucks match announcement and with Fenix part of the match, my hope for Omega vs Pentagon lives on.


“His last match before he goes to 205 Live”, bless you Okada


I really liked that line, having Okada and Juice now making appearances on BTE is awesome.

Liked Taka as well…


The inclusions of guys from the G1 has been a true treat. Okada’s 205 Live line :joy: I had to replay that but twice!

The beats by Drake got me to laugh out loud.

FWIW - I logged in to the forum and saw John’s post re the big main event…I immediately thought Elite v New Day. I was pretty sure I was going to be booking a flight to Chicago this afternoon. Alas, I’m excited for the actual match mostly to see the Golden Bucks (I’m making that a thing). Interesting no Kenny. (My dream of Omega v Punk lives!)

The build to All In via these shows has been great. I’m regrettably not going to be there as of now since it will be streamed and I’ve had other expenses pop up. That and the NXT Brooklyn show, NJPW MSG show (and Mania) next year in my city will be on my list of shows to get to. Doesn’t stop the excitement though, can’t believe it’s a month out. The entire weekend looks incredible!


I loved SCU having to whisper their rant because it was so early. Also the return of Arthur! Cody couldn’t keep it together one bit.


One of the official theme songs of All In, with a sweet All In tribute video made by a fan…




Crazy episode today with all the WWE/NXT references. Yujiro with another great appearance and a fun little cameo from Jake Hager. I love Stephen Amell, so I’m excited to see him an Daniels. It wont be a classic, but I was expecting a 6 man tag with SCU vs Amell & 2 partners, so I like this more.

I am disappointed in the first hour of All In being on WGN America though. I hope I can still see it somehow.


The cameo’s this week were fun, including Hager’s exchange with Marty, especially the way he said “You’re fucked.” I had to pause to laugh a little from that entire bit.

The Kenny/Page part was such a great nod to G1 showing the reversals of fortune with Kenny and Hangman over a book of all things.


Yujiro steals the show again!


And there it is…