Being the Elite thread... (Spoiler Warning)


Marty and Rey was funny… but then to see Daniels cut his usual promo in Spanish with the subtitles was great. Also a nice touch with Cody coming in and leaving the belt for Kenny in his bag… followed by him stealing some of his other stuff but not his shades.


Insane how these guys lay out the footage for the new episodes!! I feel Cody vs Magnus/Nick Aldis for the title, should be the main event.


Agree with @Kahiliaulani that Cody going for his fathers title at his version of Starcade needs to headline.

As I marked out for the original weight belts reveal I did so again Asbury I noticed Kenny wearing Cleaner belt this weekend and thought how interesting because they don’t call him that anymore. Low and behold it’s explained in BTE and in story line logic that it was a gift from the time he was known as such.

Now that the G1 is over the road to All In can really be the focus of the wrestling world. I hope we get a bunch of episodes leading up to the show.


I am fucking stoked for Omega/Pentagon. That is the match I wanted as everyone was being announced. I was already All In before, but now I’m REALLY All In after this announcement.


Two thoughts as I finish the weekly episode on my lunch…

Christopher Daniels promo he cut to further hype his match with Amell was great and has me intrigued so see what those two have planned for such a match.

Okada and Marty at the end with the faceoff was great, especially with Okada making 205 hand gestures.


I loved the entire Beyond the Mat opening, lost it with Flip and Matt acting it out.


The scene waiting at the airport would justify them signing with WWE to avoid the travel. Loved Okada with the 205


Thought this was one of the weaker episodes in a while. Best parts were Daniels promo and Okada/Marty/ZSJ stuff.


It’s all now a build of the All In matches which I’m totally fine with. But since I’m going to analyze every ep until their contracts are signed here’s my WWE and Not WWE for the week:

Not For WWE: Nike seems to have thrown them merch to wear on the show.

For WWE: talk about travel and family

Not For WWE: making fun of 205 Live which never gets old :joy: this is the best thing Okada ha done in his new gimmick


I loved this episode of Being The Elite, the first four/five minutes were great.

I also enjoyed the bit with the shoe and the Okada/Scurll bit was fantastic and shows off more of Okada’s personality.


If they do more videos like the SCU training for All In with a lot of the performers on that card, it should be a great way to preview the event.


So many good moments in the SCU video. I love a good parody. Popped when they both said SCU before freeze at the end. Bunch of good lines in the last 2/3 minutes.

I Like the expanded universe


I think I’ve listened to the All In song by Downstait 500x

Been starting every run to it since it dropped.

Anyone else?


That SCU video was awesome!! I also remember some random character named “Thunderlips”, in Rocky III.:joy::joy:


That tribute video I posted earlier in this thread with that song, I’ve watched it…I dont know how many times. I fucking love the song.


That’s the one @Rated_R_Poster


ProWrestlingSheets just reported that Neville is no longer under a WWE contract. ALL IN? How’s about Neville vs Flip Gordon at ALL IN?


That would be great!


I would love to see that. It would be a great surprise if Neville is available. If he’s not though, I think it’s going to be Flip vs MJF somehow. MJF I believe is the only guy announced without a match and I don’t see him in the battle royal.


Man, I’m hoping they put Neville/Pac in the BOSJ next year.