Bellator 201 Report – Ilima-Lei Macfarlane defends flyweight title against Alejandra Lara

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Event: Bellator 201
Friday, June 29th
Temecula, California
Pechanga Resort and Casino

Submitted by: The MMA Complex

Juan Archuleta vs. Robbie Peralta

Rd 1: Both fighters start the round throwing shots at an intense pace. Archuleta lands a quick flying knee that catches Peralta, who continues to move forward despite being hit with the a hard strike. Nearly every technique that could be used was used in this opening round. We score the round for Archuleta.

Rd 2: The second round starts much like the first, with Archuleta going for the takedown, securing it and immediately applying a guillotine choke. Peralta pulls his head out and manages to get back to his feet. However, Archuleta is proving to be too much for Peralta, scoring takedowns and threatening with strikes. Archuleta is sure to have taken this one.

Rd 3: Starting the third round, Archuleta throws an overhand right that knocks Peralta out cold. Some follow up strikes to the downed Peralta to make it official 14 seconds in.

Juan Archuleta def. Robbie Peralta via knockout (punches) – Round 3

Valerie Letourneau vs. Kristina Williams

Rd 1: A feeling out process for both fighters early on. Early, Williams lands some shots to get Letourneau’s attention. Letourneau is starting to get her rhythm, landing a couple of solid punches, especially an overhand right. Williams drops Letourneau with a kick that takes Letourneau off-balance. Williams refuses to engage with Letourneau on the ground and the referee orders Williams back to her feet. Letourneau then lands a solid left hook, nearly knocking Williams out cold. Williams has enough to regain her composure. Letourneau tries to follow up with strikes but ends up in Williams’ guard. Fighters are stood back up due to the lack of action. Fight ends shortly after. Letourneau may gave edged out the round over Williams.

Rd 2: The round starts with nice exchanges early on by Williams and Letourneau. Williams hits Letourneau with some nice counter punches, letting the veteran know she still has a tough fight on her hands. Letourneau answers back with an overhand right. Some fiery exchanges from both fighters in this round. Williams may have done enough to win it.

Rd 3: The round starts with an explosive exchange of punches and elbows by both fighters. Williams seems to be pressing the action a bit more and sends Letourneau back against the cage. Blood running down Williams’ nose but it doesn’t look like she’s bothered one bit. Letourneau lands a solid shot that sends Williams to the mat; Letourneau follows her down hoping to finish the fight. Both stay in the guard for the majority of the round. The fight ends with a brief exchange after the two stand back up.

Valerie Letourneau def. Kristina Williams via unanimous decision.

Saad Awad vs. Ryan Couture

Rd 1: Couture is looking to push the pace early, having some success with the overhand right and keeping his stance low to prepare for a takedown. Awad is keeping his distance, weary of Couture’s takedowns. Awad is finding some success trading shots from the outside, yet finds himself in Couture’s clinch on multiple occasions. Action is halted and the fighters are reset in the centre of the cage. Awad is focused and starting to find his own opportunities with the right hand. The right hook is landing for Awad and he hurts Couture with a solid right hand down the pipe. Couture is hanging in there but Awad puts him away early in the first.

Saad Awad def. Ryan Couture via TKO (punches) – Round 1

Bellator Women’s Flyweight Championship: Ilima-Lei Macfarlane © vs. Alejandra Lara

Rd 1: Macfarlane presses the action early with Lara looking to counter strike. Macfarlane attempts the takedown, settles for pressing Lara up against the cage, and eventually gets it. Macfarlane ends up on the bottom with a high guard, offensively working for the triangle and eventually gets it. Lara is hanging in there but the triangle looks tight. Crowd begins to cheer on Macfarlane but Lara breaks free. Fight stays on the ground. Lara takes Macfarlane’s back in a brief scramble. Lara is in side control looking for the crucifix. Macfarlane works back to her feet but eats a knee by Lara before the round is over. First round goes to the champ.

Rd 2: Lots of clinch work early in the second; MacFarlane getting the better of the exchanges with some dirty boxing. Macfarlane drags Lara to the ground, scoring another takedown and securing side control. Fighting off submission attempts by Macfarlane, Lara’s defence keeps her out of harms way but still under Macfarlane’s top game. Macfarlane works her way to back mount and Lara struggles to defend the rear naked choke. Round ends here, Macfarlane easily taking it.

Rd 3: Fight immediately goes to the ground as Macfarlane pulls guard with her back up against the cage, taking Lara down. It doesn’t take long before McFarlane sinks in the arm bar on Lara. Lara fights for as long as she can before tapping, ending the fight early in the third.

Ilima-Lei Macfarlane def. Alejandra Lara by submission (armbar) - Round 3

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