Ben Carter undergoes name change, now known as "Nathan Frazer"

Originally published at Ben Carter undergoes name change, now known as "Nathan Frazer"

It was confirmed by WWE in December of 2020 that Ben Carter signed with the company and would be a part of the NXT UK brand going forward. Carter made his NXT UK debut in January and he challenged Jordan Devlin for the NXT Cruiserweight Title.

He is currently on a two match win streak but as of today’s edition of NXT UK, Carter underwent a name change and will now be known as “Nathan Frazer”.

"And with a brand new start comes a brand new name. NATHAN FRAZER will become a champion."@WWEFrazer#NXTUK

— WWE (@WWE) March 11, 2021

Prior to joining WWE, Frazer worked several matches for All Elite Wrestling, including main-eventing their Late Night Dynamite special on TNT in September. Frazer was trained by Marek Brave and current SmackDown talent Seth Rollins at the Black & Brave Wrestling Academy in Iowa.

On the 3/11 NXT UK show on the WWE Network, Piper Niven and Jack Starz defeated Jinny and Joseph Conners in the main event. A promo segment for Ilja Drajunov was promoted for next week’s show which will start at 4 PM EST instead of 3 PM. The current NXT UK Champion WALTER is going to make a statement on 3/18. On last night’s NXT on USA Network, Tommaso Ciampa mentioned that he wants to step into the ring with WALTER.

WWE’s The Bump show is going to host a weigh-in between Trent Seven and NXT Cruiserweight Champion Jordan Devlin to see if Seven can challenge for the Cruiserweight Title.


The official weigh-in as @trentseven looks to challenge for the #WWENXT Cruiserweight Championship!#NXTUK

— NXT UK (@NXTUK) March 11, 2021

Teoman, formerly known as Lucky Kid debuted on 3/11 and picked up a victory in singles competition.

Nathan Frazer sounds like a name for a man destined be stuck with a gimmick where he gets stuffed inside lockers and dumped upside down in trash cans.

I’m beginning to think people have far too many emotions about meaningless names.

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I dunno man. Is “The Undertaker” still “The Undertaker” if they named him Little Jimmy Jangles instead? A cool name is kind of important for a wrestler’s image/brand.

Not a terrible new name, but it’s amusing as it feels like they just went “What’s a name which sounds British, but not too British?”

Yes, I will start getting concerned if they start calling a new signing “The Little Flippy Guy”, but until then I think Nate is going to be perfectly fine.

@Gramercy Where on the 0 to Adrian Neville Britishy scale does it land?


Wait is it Frazer or Frazier? Someone alert Kelsey Grammer

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It’s Frazer. Like Brendan Fraser, only with a Z in the middle. Says so right in that tweet in the middle of Andrew’s article where it’s misspelled.

The guy has been getting a pretty solid push the past few weeks, and he just NOW decides to change it? Whatever. Hopefully he doesn’t have to fight a mummy or get his brain put into a robot.

Around a 6. If they’d gone with Fraser, solid 7 no doubt.


He probably picked it. Don’t they have to submit 5 first names and 5 last names, and then the office chooses?
That’s how Sasha banks got her name.


At first I misread that as “Nelson Frazier” and I was so confused?
So very, very confused!

You’re right. It’s not like WWE routinely sticks guys destined to be jobbers with dorky names like Lucha House Party and Slapjack, while giving future top guys cool names like Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns. And it’s not like WWE has a history of this sort of thing dating back 30 years with guys like The Red Rooster and Repo Man vs. The Macho Man and The Undertaker.

I do agree “Nate” could be fine. “Nate” is a name for a grown adult man formally known as Nathan during his dorkier, formative years. Nathan gets swirlies in the bathroom during lunch hour.

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Yeah, the big difference is neither LHP nor Slapjack were the generic name given upon entry to the company. “Shane Thorne” was part of a tag team they cared a lot about, but his name is just as generic as anything else. They were given as actual gimmicks to get to the point you speak of, not when they were blank slates, which is the part where I said there was way too much caring about what two random names they put together for their development brand debut.

Shane Thorne part of a tag team?