Ben-K suffered mild concussion at 12/20 Dragon Gate show

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Dragon Gate hosted their ‘Final Gate’ show on December 20th and headlining the show was Ben-K challenging Shun Skywalker for the Open The Dream Gate Championship. Ben-K suffered a concussion during the match and Dragon Gate provided an update on how he’s recovering. Ben-K’s concussion was diagnosed as ‘mild’ and he’ll be out of action for the foreseeable future.

Regarding the condition of Ben-K after #TheFinalGate2020

He was taken to the hospital after the match for examination, where he was diagnosed with a mild concussion. His condition is currently stable, but as a precaution he will not compete for the time being. #dragongate

— Dragongate Japan Pro-Wrestling (Official English) (@DragonGateEN) December 21, 2020

A video of the injury can be watched here (@johnny.igwrestling) on Instagram. It occurred when Ben was coming off the ropes and he was hit with a forearm from Skywalker. Skywalker proceeded to hit three moonsaults onto Ben and when he covered him, the referee did not follow all the way through with the three count.

Shun Skywalker attempted to lift Ben-K up by his head but Ben did not move so Skywalker went up to the top rope for another moonsault and then the referee counted to three.

That was terrifying to watch. How did no one pick up that he was out? Glad to hear Ben-K is alright, but that could have ended so bad with they way they carried on.

Surprised they’re calling it a mild concussion. Looked ugly, and scary.