Besides POST, what other wrestling sources and podcasts do you love?

For me, besides being a proud Cafe patron since Day 1, I’m also subscribed to the Wrestling Observer and Wade Keller’s PWTorch newsletters. Both have great audio shows and historical back issues going back to the 80s.

For podcasts, I love Sunday Night’s Main Event, Fightful Pro Wrestling & MMA, Busted Open Radio, Bischoff on Wrestling, The Jim Cornette Experience, Wrestling Observer Radio, Talk is Jericho, The Ross Report, and my #1 favorite; The Steve Austin Show.

I’m just such a sucker for all MMA and Wrestling content, it’s addicting.

E&C Pod of Awesomeness
Talk is Jericho

I use To be a patron on post wrestling but realize that I didn’t listen to a lot of their extra podcast so I stop it and went with my second favorite podcast to support and went with Sunday’s night main event.

As far as free podcast are concern. Outside of review a raw and review a smackdown, I love listening to pretty much any podcast hosted by Conrad Thompson. I also love prime time with Sean Mooney, the jim cornette experience and cornette’s drive thru and I started to listen to the Zach Ryder and curt Hawkins podcast about wrestling action figure which is just a fun podcast I got me interested in collecting wrestling action figure and going back and exposing my old figures that I had when I was a kid.

That’s pretty much everything I have time to listen to now.

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I’ve listened to a lot of different podcasts over the years.

Post Wrestling (obviously)
Pro Wrestling Torch
Wrestling Observer shows
Pro Wrestling Report
Cheap Heat
Masked Man
In this corner with Brian Campbell
Colt Cabanas Art of Wrestling
Something to Wrestle
Talk is Jericho
Steve Austin Show
Jim Ross report
Edge & Christian Pod of awesomness
We enjoy wrestling (formerly IGN channel surfing)

Most of these I stopped listening too after awhile to the point where now Post wrestling is all I listen too consistently. None of the other review type shows have the natural chemistry of John and Wai and too many of them have “over-the-top” rants about a match or event drove me off. John and Wai are still critical when it’s called for but don’t spend an entire hour bitching about a single booking decision like some pods do. It’s a good balance.

Of the interview shows I’ve found that Jericho does the best job of interviewing a wide range of people and can drop in his own stories without turining the podcast into a “back in my day” story that has nothing to do with the interviewee. The Ross Report is the worst example of this. I have all the respect in the world for JR but he spends 30 minutes telling the same three stories every podcast.

Cheap heat was really interesting for awhile as it became apart of ESPN and then slowly gained more and more access to WWE at a time when they were still figuring out how much backstage access they wanted to provide. But since then it went downhill as it couldn’t keep its and hosts and now I haven’t listened to it in like 2 years.

Something to wrestle
Jim Ross

I’m subscribed to quite a few other wrestling podcasts. The only one i listen to regularly right now is The Masked Man Show.


My Weekly “Must Listen To” Podcasts:

Greetings From Allentown -This podcast takes a nostalgic look at old wrestling TV’s mostly from the '80s and '90s. I’ve learned a lot from it.

Something to Wrestle - This show is hit or miss, but it helps me get through the hour long commute to my girlfriend’s house every weekend.

What Happened When - This show has also been hit or miss lately, but Tony’s “no fucks left to give” attitude usually makes the show enjoyable.

Podcasts in my Podcast Catcher App I Will Listen to if an Episode Looks Interesting or I have Time:

The Wrestler Review - This podcast is pretty funny. They take a look at a wrestler’s career from a comedic perspective.

Why It Ended With Robbie E - This podcast tries to examine why a wrestler’s run ended, having that wrestler on as a guest. I recommend checking out the Buff Bagwell and Ken Patera episodes.

83 Weeks With Eric Bischoff - This is the worst of Conrad Thompson’s 3 podcasts in my opinion, but keep it on my podcast catcher app in case something looks interesting.

Prime Time With Sean Mooney - This show has your typical weekly guest interview format, but some of the guests they get you don’t hear from often. General Adnan, Tugboat, Jim Johnston, etc.

Between The Sheets - A retrospective look at a week in classic wrestling newsletter stories. Definitely a great show for a wrestling history buff, but it’s usually up to 5 or 6 hours in length so it’s quite the commitment to listen to.

Wrestling Observer and Talk is Jericho. It’s all that I have time for during my travel to and from work.

Who needs music when you have Podcasts for my 45-90 minute travel to work every day.

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F4W/Wrestling Observer is my day to day

Sunday Nights Main Event every Monday

Between The Ropes for the nostalgia of it and he brings on different guests.

My go-to rarely miss an episode: POST Wrestling

auto-download / frequent listen: The Masked Man (from The Ringer) and Wrestlenomics (which John and Wai got me into)

Depending the topic: Something To Wrestle With - tho I will say there was a recent episode where Bruce absolutely shit on Meltzer and mocked star ratings was turn-off-the-pod heat. I found it so obnoxious for him to bring up star ratings while Conrad was simply reading Observer reviews. Bruce is a typical old school cramudgen. I like Conrad a lot and can’t stand Bruce. Idk why I haven’t got into Conrad’s other stuff. Conrad’s a good dude

when-a-good-guest is on: Talk is Jericho

Prichard is a waste of time, thinks WCW stole all the WWF’s talent. Excuse me, he should be the last person to complain about that kind of stuff because the WWF stole from every single territory in the 80s. He’s such a shill.

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For how smart a guy David Shoemaker is, he does play down his knowledge and almost plays dumb to the audience at times. The guys is really smart not just with Wrestling. I think he needs a better co-host that’s not just a “fan”.

Keepin It 100
Talk is Jericho(When there is a guest I like)
Truth With Consequences(New show with Vince Russo & Matt Coon)

I used to have a number of them, but right now, the Jim Cornette Experience/Corny’s Drive Thru and Something to Wrestle with Bruce Prichard are the two other ones. I stopped listening to other podcasts as POST Wrestling started doing a lot more stuff, and MLW started doing a lot less.

Cornette and I have similar political beliefs and I love hearing about wrestling history, and I love the back and forth between Conrad and Bruce, as well as hearing WHAT HAPPENED WHEN, something went on during a certain time period. I don’t listen to Conrad’s other podcasts as I was more of a WWF kid when I was younger.


E & C
Something to Wrestle With
What Happened When
Steve Austin with a guest
Jim Ross
83 Weeks
Jim Cornette Experience and Drive thru
Keeping It 100
Killing The Town but less and less since Lance Storm left
Not Sam wrestling podcast
and since my MMA consumption and level ofninterest has plummeted to its lowest in my life…just UFC Unfiltered because I like Matt Serra and Jim Norton.

Even though my UFC interest level has waned in recent years, I still love Ariel Helwani’s show.

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Voices of Wrestling Flagship
Wrestling Omaskase
Super J-Cast
Virtual Pros
6:05 Superpodcast
The Lapsed Fan

I occasionally listen to Michael Bisping and Chael Sonnen’s respective podcasts. They’re both engaging personalities, but both shows get dragged down by the co-hosts in my opinion. I think Chael went back to doing most his shows alone, but I don’t listen frequanetly enough to confirm.

I’ll skip through Ariel’s MMA show and listen to the personalities I’m most interested in from his lineup. I used to listen to the whole show, but 5 hours is a bit of an ask lol.

I call for a petition to get POST Wrestling and Sunday Night’s Main Event with Agnew and Mouth to join forces for the best/worst of shows. Nostalgia will be through the roof. looool and they just did it last year.

Yeah I don’t think they’re on good terms so can’t see that happening. POST has Braden, Davie, the BWE guys and a host of friends they can call on for the show. I just hope John does the MMA end of year show with Ariel.