Best incarnation of...

  • Rocky Maivia
  • Leader of the Nation
  • Post Nation tweener
  • Corporate Champion
  • Rock n’ Sock
  • People’s Champion
  • Hollywood Rock
  • 2011 Return

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I was on my daily commute home and thought, “In hindsight, what was the best version of The Rock?”

Then I thought, there’s quite a few characters you could do this for, thus my decision to pose the question/topic to fellow POST listeners here.

So to start things off I’ll go with that original question,
‘In your opinion, what was the best incarnation of The Rock?’

If there are any versions of the character I’ve missed shout out your favourite!

I would personally have to go with Hollywood Rock, though short lived in relative terms against the others. That ring entrance, the mini feud with The Hurricane, the Rock Concerts and all the mannerisms he added in ring during that time were all incredibly entertaining. The only down point was the Hogan rematch during to start that run, I think.