Best ?Jackson Ryker generic name

Wai/John others?…Open for toppers…but best generic wrestler name might be:

Gene Ric Wrestler

Bill Showtime.
Ring Outsider.

I dunno if jobbers count but the AEW Dark roster is chock full of randomly generated names.

Jake Tucker. Charlotte Renegade. Etc.

The nxt roster is full of that.

I feel like you just need to look at the FCW / NXT roster circa 2011-2013, and you’ll see tons of them.

Ah, ole Johnny Curtis. Bet they never found a less generic name for him.

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Alex Riley. Generic name, generic wrestler, generic commentator. A triple threat!

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Michael McGillicutty is always my go to. Really exemplifies WWE over the past decade or so.

You have the son of Mr fucking Perfect and you give him a name like that. Just laughable

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That one was close to his real name as it was Kevin Kiley.