Best Matches/Events with a Bad Crowd

What are some of the best wrestling matches and/or events that featured a crowd that was mostly if not entirely quiet throughout.

I’d be reluctant to include NJPW matches as crowds are purposely quiet in the beginning.

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I don’t think you can have a great match with a dead crowd. Crowd reactions are essential. If it doesn’t seem like the crowd is interested in a match then I’m definitely not at home.

There’s probably a lot more examples of good in-ring work matches that are seen as great matches because of a great crowd response.

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Hogan and rock is the best example.

For some idiotic reason WWE thought Toronto would boo Hogan lol. The crowd made that match

As for great matches with a dead crowd I agree it’s hard to have a great match with a dead crowd

I’d have to research but there were some from ROH back in the day that would qualify. Oddly enough Long Island was a place that would be notorious for it.

A lot of 205 Live matches could fit this question.


Anything from all japan after the exodus

A lot of 205 matches yes. The Gable/Gallagher matches should have had the crowd going bonkers.

Seth against Dolph from Pittsburgh