Best months in wrestling history

January 2018: Wrestle Kingdom 12, NXT TakeOver Philadelphia, a decent PROGRESS show, the Royal Rumble and the NJPW New Beginning shows.

These are all shows that I’ve really enjoyed, most exceeded my expectations and include a number of potential MOTY candidates and/or great angles.

I get a bit bogged down by the negativity in wrestling fandom sometimes, and so just wanted to spark a debate around the quality of shows we’ve seen this month. I personally think this has been one of the better months/periods I can remember across the board (you obviously have your G1s that are nearly always great). What are other people’s thoughts?


Wrestling fans seen to act like toxic relationships …they complain, hate and threaten to leave…then reminded why they fell in love in the first place, and restart the cycle…never leaving.

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You probably didn’t see it but All Japan had some good shows as well this month. New Years War.

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Ah, need to track that down too! I felt compelled to post something, as really have enjoyed what’s been put out so far this year.

Dailymotion has some of it up. You can watch it on the Fite app for 5 dollars. There ways to watch All Japan on the net. So much wrestling to watch. It’s great

They’ve started the year off very strong and I hope it continues. We got a ton of news from this past months show and some very strong matches.

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Absolutely, it was great 72 hours of wrestling. The high for me Jay White vs Kenny Omega and the post-match angle. Almas/Gargano comes in second, The Men’s Rumble comes in third, followed by Young Bucks vs R3K, Tana/Suzuki, Black/Cole and the Women’s Rumble.

What’s insane, is that April will be even more insane with all sorts of awesome 'Mania shows happening within the space of 5 days.

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