Best of the Super Juniors 2021 winner crowned

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Hiromu Takahashi is a three-time Best of the Super Juniors winner.

Wednesday’s final between Takahashi and YOH was the longest in BOSJ history, clocking in at over 38 minutes.

The final headlined Wednesday’s card at Sumo Hall with Takahashi and YOH surviving a mid-match attack by SHO.

The former member of Roppongi 3K attacked his old teammate as well as Takahashi in the hopes of ruining the final. However, referee Red Shoes Unno refused to call the match a no-contest and allowed it to continue to assure a definitive outcome.

YOH had a major near-fall near the end before being hit with Time Bomb II and Takahashi claimed the crown.

Takahashi also introduced a maneuver where he lifted YOH for a piledriver while applying underhooks on the arms of his target.

Takahashi previously won the Best of the Super Juniors tournament in 2018 and 2020 and will now be expected to challenge IWGP junior heavyweight El Desperado.

Takahashi and Desperado met in the final of last year’s BOSJ and was one of the best New Japan matches of the year.