Best Paige Moments

I’ve got to say, when the news broke way back at the beginning of the year that Paige was forced to retired because of a neck injury similar to what forced Edge to retire, i wouldn’t believe it, because i was really hoping that someway, somehow, she would find a way to get better and continue her career as a in ring performer. but the more that weeks past, the more she wasn’t coming back and i was thinking that maybe just maybe, they were keeping her around because she was getting better and that she would be cleared by the end of the year.

Then came the mania Kickoff and when they introduced Paige on commentary for the woman’s battle royal, i could tell something was wrong and that the moment i was hoping wouldn’t come was about to happen soon. Fast forward to last night and sure enough, she announce that she was forced to retire and i was sad too see her go because she was for me one of the best all around performers in the woman’s division and i was losing another one of my favorite performer because of injury.

So, i wanted to start a thread for everybody that was a fan of paige and wanted to cheer some of their favorite moments of her career not just in WWE but outside of WWE as well.

For me i’ve got 2 that comes to mind. One is from when she was still wrestling on the indy circuit and the other one is WWE relate.

  1. Her feud in Shimmer with her mother. I don’T remember on which shows this happened because i haven’t watch those DVD in a long time but i still remember the whole feud which lead to a no hold barred between paige and her mom. It was such a fun match to watch and you could tell even back then that she would be a big star someday.

  2. Her tag team match with AJ Lee at wrestlemania 31. Not really the match itself but just seeing AJ Lee last match at mania teaming with Paige who was pretty much her successor was just a great moment.

In the end, i feel that she will be inducted into the hall of fame because her contribution just like AJ Lee before her made what the woman’s division is today, Without A.J. Lee and paige, their wouldn’t be a charlotte or sasha banks because they broke the mold and help management understand that what they thought about women’s wrestling was wrong. In the end, i really hope she finds success in whatever she decide to do now.

The stuff in her phone was her biggest splash in the mainstream…other than that her career wasn’t that impressive outside of one match with Emma.

Terrible she had to retire, had so many years left to make a real run and get over the early controversies that will most likely overshadow her in ring work…which wasn’t exactly stellar.

God help us,she is the Smackdown GM

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Probably best known for her sex tapes with wrestlers on her phone.

Her main roster debut was probably her highlight.

That time the Rock shouts a promo at her

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Can’t say I was her biggest fan. Obviously it’s unfortunate for her that she’s had to retire but in my opinion people are overplaying how important she was in the massive improvement of the women’s division (while she was out injured doing stupid shit with Del Rio). AJ Lee was the main one rebelling against the Divas generation while Paige, in my opinion, just piggy backed her and called herself the “anti-Diva” while appearing on Total Divas… Memorable debut, forgettable everything else.

Can’t say that I now buy into her as a high level authority figure either. Had a hard time buying into her as a manager for Absolution. Maybe it sounds harsh but she still comes across as a silly, little girl that makes stupid decisions with her life. She’s a charity case GM and while she’ll get a sympathy pass for a while, I’m not sure how long it’ll last.

What others have said. She won the title on her first night and then… I don’t even know. Fucked Xavier Woods and did a lot of coke with Del Rio?

Honestly it would probably be the finals of the NXT women’s title tournament with Emma. Thought that was an amazing match.

I think the #1 contribution that Paige gave to the business was she taught all of us that a submission hold is twice as powerful if it’s performed on top of an announcing desk.

I was at her RAW debut and obviously cool and all that good stuff. Watching it live, I totally thought they botched the only move before the pin.

Hopefully she thrives and enjoys her GM role!

She’s far from the first person to ever do that. I remember Angle, Benoit and a bunch of others doing that.