Best theme music: now, then, forever!

With a rash of great AEW entrance theme music what’s been your top 5 current ones and of all time?

I’m not talking about most recognizable or iconic (ie like Real American or pomp and circumstance) but rather music that you like the best and listen to in the car. The songs that when they come on the TV get your juices going. These might be overlapped with the most iconic of course.
Here is my list:

For now:

Jericho - Judas really fits with his new evil character and finisher and bonus for it being his own song

Ciampa - the blackheart song and entrance fits him to a tee

Kenny Omega - I am a huge fan of his change the world music but this new song has really grown on me

Bianca Belair - I’m on my own agaisnt the world was actually below Sasha for me until Sasha changed hers

Cody - combined with the superstar rising from the ground the song has been great with lyrics to match him getting a crowd on their feet

For all time for me:

Hogan - nWo theme - the Hendrix music was such a perfect fit for this version of Hogan complete with the title belt guitar

CM Punk - Cult of Personality - the lyrics fit him to a tee and the few cords at the beginning would immediately get a massive pop from me

Triple H - my time - the best version of his song for me that music Motörhead theme was epic

Stone cold - disturbed - of all his music disturbed was the best and the minute the glass breaks the adrenaline in any wrestling fans veins would pulsate

sandman - watch one night only and then tell me this isn’t the most epic entrance music ever

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Why are these 5-9?

The ones that come to mind for me have a lot to do with entrance impact.

So right now I would go with Becky, Stone Cold, Batista, the Undisputed Era, Io Shirai

I have some I dislike or disliked:

Kelly Kelly, Victoria’s Tatu (all the things she said) doesn’t sound like an entrance music at all, Dolph Ziggler record scratch, Nikki Bella, The Kabuki Warriors mix, among others.

There’s a lot I love : Gargano, The Fiend, Finn Balor, Imperium, …

I’m really digging the music for Adam Page. Seems to fit him perfectly. Really miss Omega’s from NJPW. Just sounded epic.

Becky’s theme doesn’t fit her new gimmick in my opinion. Needs a change.

I think it is fine and it sets up for a good crowd pop when it hits. I mean what do you want for her new gimmick Taylor Swift?

I think her gimmick requires something that hits a bit harder. Not sure Taylor Swift would fit the bill.

I don’t think she needs something that hits harder. The Taylor Swift things was a joke because she has a new song titled “the Man”. I mean she isn’t Rhea Ripley so I don’t see her needing some sort of hard rock theme. She is still a face so the up beat nature of her entrance is fine.

I cant stand adam Page’s music,no idea why. Bucks,Cody,Lucha bros, mox though are great

I’m wondering whether some of you got past @Alex_Patel’s first sentence, because there are some odd choices to listen to in a car.

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I would listen to mine probably working out. The Batista one has a special place for me due to Up Up Down Down.



I walk alooonnnneee!

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Marcus Cor Von’s 2007 ECW theme has consistently wormed it’s way into my head for 10+ years.

Hahaha yeah it’s either podcasts or wrestling music in the car. And some drake

If i want to feel nostalgic about the early 2000’s and the popular rock music of the time it always includes Maven’s theme. It’s about as textbook a ‘post-grunge’ song as you can get and sends me right back to that time.


Or the sound track from sound of music that my son listens to (brainwashing by wifey)

I don’t know if I have a “Top 10” but here are a couple. Again, I went by Alex’s request for examples of theme songs you listen to outside of wrestling.

  1. Edge’s theme Metalingus by Alter Bridge. It’s a great entrance theme and a great song by itself.

  2. RVD’s ECW theme Walk by Pantera. Since ECW used a lot of real music you can probably find other ECW examples easier than WWE originals. So I’ll just go with Walk because I am a fan of Pantera.

  3. HHH’s theme The Game by Motörhead. Honestly one of Motörhead’s best songs in a long time.

  4. Johnny Gargano’s theme Rebel Heart. I love this song. I’m a big fan of punk and rock bands with female lead singers like Paramore which this song echoes a lot.


I will also ass Johnny Gargano’s theme Rebel Heart. I have to put Ospreay’s theme on there. It’s just a great song. I always liked Maven’s 2002 theme as a song. I also really liked RVD’s One of a Kind theme

After seeing Minoru live at MSG, he has to have the greatest theme. It was like being in a religious experience.

Those old ecw themes were songs I’d listen to before eve was a thing. Alice in Chains, Pantera, Metallica, etc.

I’ve thought of another one that’s actually sad. Whatever by Our Lady Peace. Chris Benoit’s theme. It was a really good song. But obviously after the Benoit tragedy became difficult to listen too and I believe the band stopped performing it live.