Bi-Polar Rock 'N Roller 0n Youtube

For those interested, Showtime has posted the full documentary on Youtube. I just saw it for the first time and all I can say is, if you are a fan of Mauro and/or dont know much about mental illness, you need to watch this documentary.


Yeah I saw it too - and made me even more angry at Corey Graves!

Which is why I don’t understand why people can’t grasp a simple concept

Yes Mauro interupts a lot and talks over colleagues. That’s part of his mental illness at play as well. So critiquing him for that isn’t fair

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both Corey and Mauro have issues that stop them performing,maybe Graves can suck it up and get in the ring like some have suggested Mauro should do and get back in the booth.


Thanks, yeah I saw. I’m really excited in finally watching it.

Really great documentary but I still don’t really get the whole mauro interrupts thing. Does he? I’m biased because I think he’s great but he only seems to interrupt in the lead commentator way, not by being in any way obnoxious.

I think it is less interrupts and more doesn’t give a lot of holes for others to fill in at times. It never really bothers me much though.

He’s definitely a power talker

He’s the lead announcer. He should speak the most.

Ross and Lawler were one of the best announce teams of all time, but how many all time moments (titles changes, big spots etc) do you remember Lawler calling?

Dude adds excitement, much more than the two others on colour. If he called 90% of a match, GOOD

He should speak the most, but he also over does it. The first match of the night, should not and does not need to be called like the main event.

His constant rap references also reek of trying too hard to be cool.

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If the opening match is tearing the house down like most of the tag matches do in NXT, he absolutely should call it like a barn burner.

Also Nxt is supposed to be the cool brand. Give me all the hip hop and pop culture references. It’s much better than some of then 20-30 year old references Cole makes.