Bianca Belair and Shayna Baszler

Does anyone have any idea what’s going on with these two?

Is there not enough time to fit either in on a three hour RAW? Why were they called up from NXT? What was the long term plan with either of them?

I knew they would botch Shayna (figured Vince won’t like her look) but I’m stunned they have somehow managed to make Belair a non-factor so quickly.

It just boggles the mind they have no spots for either women. Shayna was last feuding with Nattie, who is now also a heel. Belair was last seen telling the Street Profits to get serious, they then went on to have weeks of horrendous comedy segments with the Vikings.

Anyone have any idea what is happening with these two? Or have any faith they will be used properly? Seems like more wasted NXT call-ups to me

I get the impression that they are trying to cycle through talent, giving them months off at a time with whats going on right now.

That explains Shayna. Not sure about Bianca given that her husband is on the show each week, but he has mostly done pre-produced vignettes, so its possible that it was all shot over a few days and then they were given time off.

I don’t have a problem with them doing that TBH. I’d rather these guys cycle in and out as working every taping would be hard right now.

Perhaps. Just seemed odd at the time to call up Belair if they have no real plans for her. I think she has every tool to be a huge star so I just hope they don’t mess her up.

Had no faith they would use Baszler correctly. She’s just not someone I can see Vince being interested in

It’s a new regime with Heyman being stripped off his title. Big Dave suggested that the “building new talents” phase is almost certainly over and they’ll go back using older guys, cause the ratings went so much down the drainer (which makes it so sad that there was a bump this week).

Also, remember that it was reported even before WM, that Vince does not “get” Shayna, while Bianca is been kept away because of the Street Prophets, cause they are “too goofy for her”… which does not explain why she’s not been used in anything else, but, well - Vince logic.

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I dont think Baszler’s been used poorly (outside of the vampire angle), but I hear you. Vince likes a certain archetype, and Shayna certainly is not that.

The Bianca thing is weird since she was introduced at mania, we’ll see what happens.

I’m not too worried based on them not being on TV now, but I am worried based on their track record with NXT talent.

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Two more weeks and zero RAW appearances :laughing:

My only guess was that they are waiting to cycle people in and out because they don’t know how long the pandemic is going to last. This is me giving them the benefit of the doubt, but I could be wrong.

They are not blond and miss the… correct size attributes.

The treatment of NXT talent when they get “called up” is the main reason why I don’t care about the product at all anymore. It makes me sad, actually.

Bryan Alvarez said Becky wanted to lose the belt to Shayna at Wrestlemania but Vince said no. He doesn’t get Shayna’s character apparently. I mean, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to understand that she’s a badass who kills people in the ring. I don’t think Vince watched Elimination Chamber.

I’m not saying that blond thing hasn’t ever existed, but I think WWE is aware of it and they play off of it. They’ve used it in promos before. Honestly,

Shayna didn’t really get the fans going on the main roster. Now you can attribute this to the booking, but I would’ve kept the belt on Becky as well.

Bayley & Sasha don’t have blond hair and they seem to be doing just fine.

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Agreed. The idea that only “blondes” can succeed is an antiquated opinion, it’s no longer 2005. Asuka, Nia, Sasha. Bayley, ronda, Becky, and Charlotte are probably the the biggest women’s stars of the past few years. One is blond.

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It’s two things with Shayna - her look and her age. No clue why she was even called up in the first place. Vince and Kevin Dunn will not get her

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She’s around 40, right?

Yeah, 40 next month

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I mean I would throw Alexa in ahead of Nia. So that is 2 blondes. I mean I think the blonde thing has been overplayed for a while look at the top at the end of the Divas Era. Paige, the Bellas, AJ Lee. None are blonde. There have always been a lot of blondes, but not always on top.

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I think if they knew Becky was going to be out on leave. I would have had Shayna come in and “Injure” her with an Arm stomp/attack. Then have her relinquish the title. You give Shayna nuclear heat, get the belt off Becky, and have a big return angle for when she comes back.

Agreed, I forgot about Alexa. My point is that its not all blonds at the top of the division, if anything most of the blondes in WWE are at the bottom.

Very true. I think people look at the roster over the years and see a disproportionate amount of blondes, but they aren’t typically at the top. I mean blondes right now on the Main Roster
(They list Maryse but don’t think she really counts and Peyton is dyed but doesn’t really count)

So 9 women on Raw/SD out of 26. So around 1/3rd of the women are blonde.


Yeah, the whole blondes are the only ones who get pushed was a Twitter thing. Twitter is a flaming shit hole. I could sit here and name all the non-blondes doing amazing right now, but you guys already know.


Yup! You could argue that pretty blonds who are not that talented may get chances on the bottom of the card that others who are less attractive would not get, but nobody is pushed to the top of the card simply because they are a pretty blond which is how this convo started.