Bianca Belair: Me, Sasha Banks & Naomi would be a great faction

Originally published at Bianca Belair: Me, Sasha Banks & Naomi would be a great faction

The former SmackDown Women’s Champion makes the media rounds to promote Crown Jewel.

In 10/21, Bianca Belair, Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch will be competing in a Triple-Threat match for the SmackDown Women’s Championship at WWE Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia. On tonight’s edition of SmackDown, all three talents will meet in the ring for a contract signing.

Ahead of tonight’s show, Bianca Belair was interviewed by Hindustan Times and talked about the idea of forming a faction with herself, Naomi and Sasha Banks.

I think, if we can all get along – me, Sasha and Naomi will be a great faction. We would mesh really well. We could work really work together. I just can’t trust Sasha right now. So, we cannot create this faction right now. But I have seen on social media as well, that they want this faction. I think it would be cool. But I don’t know if it would ever be possible, because we just cannot seem to get on the same page.

Also on the 10/8 SmackDown, the Queen’s Crown tournament is kicking off. Bianca is pulling for either Liv Morgan or Rhea Ripley to get the tournament victory.

I am definitely going to keep an eye on that. I cannot wait because our locker room has so many great talents who are waiting for an opportunity to showcase what they can do. In the locker room, we all know what we are capable of and I am excited for the world to see that. You are going to see a lot of breakout stars and new women stars being made. Me, personally – I am rooting for Liv Morgan, or Rhea Ripley. I don’t know who all are in it – but I am rooting for all women, but I would love to see Rhea or Liv come out on top.

Belair was drafted to the Raw brand as a part of the 2021 WWE Draft. She said she is looking forward to stepping back into the ring with Rhea Ripley. Belair and Ripley were the final two competitors in the 2021 women’s Royal Rumble match.

Anytime I get into the ring with Rhea Ripley, I am excited. The ending of the whole Royal Rumble where it was just me and Rhea – and we got to showcase what the future has in store at the end of Royal Rumble. She became RAW Women’s Champion, and I became SmackDown women’s champion – and we gave everybody a taste of it. To know we are on the same brand, and we can get into the ring once again, and create magic – show this new era of women’s wrestling that is peeking through, I can’t wait for that. To create magic with Rhea Ripley again. In NXT we came up together, we are still on our way. Rhea is special – and anytime, we are in the ring, I am excited.

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