Big Accomplishment For Me

It might not be much to some, but this is a big deal for me and I just wanted to share it somewhere. Just a few short weeks ago, my workouts consisted of walking to the fridge. I’m making progress though. Now that I went 60+ minutes, I’m calling myself the Kenny Omega of the gym.


Congrats! Continued success to you! :+1:

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Congrats! :star::star::star::star::star::star::star:


Keep on grindin’

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Thanks everyone

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That’s so awesome @Rated_R_Poster

Not stealing thunder but feel compelled to share and hopefully you find it encouraging - I’ve also been inspired by wrestling to get back into shape. I created a playlist of my favorite wrestling themes and used the BOSJ and Honor Club shows to motivate me to go to the gym more often. I stream matches while on the treadmill so I have no reason to get off quicker than I should. If I am going to lay on my couch and watch I can just as easily walk at a nice pace and watch! I’ve used the theme songs as pump up music to start running outside - some of my favorites that really get my adrenaline going: Osprey, Cody, Okada, Naito, Alestir Black, Pete Dunne, Sasha Banks. Even if it only gets me to do short wind sprints the music helps pump me up to do more than I’d do normally!

Keep it up you 7 Star tredmiller!!!

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That is a good idea for catching up on wrestling. I have insanely bad foot issues so I only ride a bike to work out. May invest in a stationary bike so I can prop up my tablet and watch my shows. Kind of dangerous to watch New Japan World on a regular bike I think…

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