Big Cass has seizure at House of Hardcore

Hard to watch so…NSFW

This world is pathetic. How does it cross a persons mind to see a guy having a seizure, so pull out a camera and film it?


I wish I didn’t click on that.

But yeah, Tommy Dreamer and Bully Ray came to his side, he was responsive, and they got him the help he needed. Later in the show during a long promo, Dreamer stated that it wasn’t drug-related.

Might be best to leave medical care for a seizure victim to trained professionals unless there is no other option nearby. In the longer version of this you can see security stopping everyone other than the medics (who were already rushing over) from getting within arms reach of Cass. We should also take in to consideration; the person who filmed this didn’t even have the common sense to flip their phone to landscape, I doubt they’d be much help in the case of a non-emergent medical instance let alone a potentially fatal situation.

Given his prominence and the fact that he was in public venue, I’d say it’s fair game to record but I imagine many will disagree.