Big E expresses appreciation for Dolph Ziggler

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Big E shows love to Dolph Ziggler. 

After a near 20-year run with WWE, Dolph Ziggler was released from the company as a part of their cuts in September 2023. A handful of Ziggler’s colleagues took to social media to show their appreciation for what he’s done and the personal relationships they’ve formed with him. 

As Big E was making the media rounds to promote the ‘Bridges’ project he co-created, he sat down with HOT 97 and was asked for his thoughts about Ziggler’s exit from WWE. E spoke about how appreciative he is of Dolph for what he did for his career. 

I just have a lot of respect for him because he didn’t have to — at the time, he didn’t really need me and I felt like the company was trying to force him to have a heater and he was over enough, he was killing it enough to not need me. He should’ve had that opportunity without me, without all that stuff. So I appreciate him kind of taking me under his wing. When I first started, my very first moment on the main roster was laying out John Cena in Philly to close the show. So, I am so appreciative of that opportunity and then to get to travel the world with Dolph (Ziggler), to learn from him, to be ringside. I still remember vividly, it was at Madison Square Garden, the main is (John) Cena and Ziggler in a Steel Cage and I’m there ringside, I’m there listening, hearing the crowd, learning so it’s the best learning experience being under Dolph and he is the smoothest. In-ring, no one’s better. So, salute to him and I just appreciate all he did for me and my career but yeah, he’s the man.

On November 24th, Ziggler is making his first post-WWE appearance when him and his brother Ryan Nemeth host a comedy variety show in Chicago, Illinois

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