Big E says he's been advised by specialists not to wrestle again, unsure of his future

Originally published at Big E says he's been advised by specialists not to wrestle again, unsure of his future

Big E is unsure of his future. 

It has been over a full year since Big E suffered a broken neck. In the time since, he’s provided multiple updates and several months ago, he had a checkup to see if his C1 vertebrae was ossifying but he feels 100 percent. 

E was present at the SummerSlam media conference and told Nick Hausman of Haus Wrestling that specialists have advised him to step away from in-ring competition. The former WWE Champion is unsure of his future. 

.@WWEBigE tells @Nick_Hausman he’s been advised to never wrestle again and isn’t sure what his future holds. He wants to live a long, happy, pain free life.

— Haus of Wrestling (@WrestlingHaus) August 4, 2023

While E has been out of action, he took on the role of the home game emcee for the USFL Michigan Panthers. He’s continued his venture into voice acting and has spoken with IMPACT Wrestling commentator Tom Hannifan about a college football project.

Honestly as much I am a fan of Big E as well as the New Day, I’d be happy if he didn’t wrestle again. He feels so much more important as an ambassador than WWE ever treated him when he was Champion.

I do wish Big E peace and happiness to whatever he decides on his future.

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In fairness, he’s never been booked by Hunter before. Issue with the previous regime is they pushed Cena, Lesnar, and Roman to the moon, then you had your next tier (ie. Seth AJ) then everyone else was all over the place.

I agree with your last line.

NXT or was that Dusty?

Oh shoot, I totally forgot about that, I have no idea who booked NXT back then. I didnt watch at that time, but I feel like Big E was booked well in NXT so if it was Hunter, I think that would bode well for E on the main roster.

Either way, he needs to make sure his health is good first.