Big E. to face Apollo Crews at Fastlane for the Intercontinental title

Originally published at Big E. to face Apollo Crews at Fastlane for the Intercontinental title

WWE has added an Intercontinental title match for the Fastlane event scheduled for Sunday, March 21st.

After Friday Night SmackDown, it was officially announced that Big E. will defend the Intercontinental title against Apollo Crews.

Big E. has retained the championship against Crews in previous matches including the January 8th and January 22nd editions of SmackDown, as well as a triple threat match involving Sami Zayn on February 5th.

On Friday, Big E. returned from an injury angle where Crews dropped the ring steps on Big E. The two continued their program with Crews attacking Big E. after his match against Sami Zayn and once again using the ring steps on Big E.

There are three matches officially announced for Fastlane:
*Universal Championship Match: Roman Reigns (champion) vs. Daniel Bryan with Edge or Jey Uso as the special enforcer
*Women’s Tag Championship Match: Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler (champions) vs. Sasha Banks & Bianca Belair
*Intercontinental Championship Match: Big E. (champion) vs. Apollo Crews

This is a really stupid feud. Neither should be losing right now.

DQ or schmoz to keep them both strong?

Turn it into a triple threat. Make Sami Zayn the champion and forget about Big E, Apollo Crews, and Apollo’s new accent.

That’s the hope with a stipulation match at Mania with Crews “Showing Steel” a No DQ match seems like a natural fit

Right lets Make the Intercontinental title White Again.

Wow, a week away from the show and a grand total of three matches booked. Really feeling that road to wrestlemania build :woozy_face:

There has been reports that wrestlemania still isn’t booked beyond Edge vs. Reigns.

This very well could be correct for the most part, but Sasha and Bianca is also booked.

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It’s a promotion that clearly books week to week. I’m not even sure about Reigns vs Edge, feels like they might add Bryan into that match :man_shrugging:t2:

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Yeah, because that’s what it’s about… Not about how Big E isn’t actually that good as a singles guy or how Apollo just decided to develop a new accent because he has a new gimmick which just makes the whole thing stupid. :joy:

If you’re so insecure that you need identity politics in your life over everything then replace the oppressive Syrian Muslim with, I don’t know, Nakamura. Or does he not count either…?

Lol identity politics. Is that what it is called now? And lets get one thing straight. You’re the one who said put the title on the white guy and forget the two black guys not me.

Figured you would bring that up. Well aware Sami is Arab. But I bet you a million bucks he never had to walk down a street and be harassed by police. Just saying.

He could if he was actually over and putting on good matches. But he isn’t, his last run with a belt was a dud last time I checked. But hey anything to take the belt off the black wrestler that’s actually over right?

Sami Zayn is clearly the better wrestler of the 3 and the more entertaining of the 3, but sure…let’s make this about the color of their skin, because 2021. Definitely need someone to call attention to that non issue in this scenerio.

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Meh to each his own. Truthfully Sami has never impressed me much as a wrestler or personality. Ranking the three wrestling wise. I give it to Crews for being the better athlete among the three. As far as entertainment goes. All Sami has done is play the annoying heel which isn’t hard to do or that impressive. His babyface run was about as dull as Crews was. Big E is the only one to get over as heel and a babyface based on personality. Sure he was part of a stable but he played a very big part in it.

But hey forget all that. Give it to the not over white guy Who has IWC cred because he wrestled in ROH right?

It’s a pretty sad shame, when you have to resort to skin color as part of your gripe, when it isnt even part of the argument here.

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No its more shameful to pretend its not an issue in the first place actually. Seriously people like you need to stop playing that card. No one’s really buying it anymore.

At no point did I make it about race. You decided to do that. Let’s not pretend otherwise. I personally don’t care about the race/religion/etc. of a wrestler. I just care if they’re good or not. You being in your “need to be seen as woke for no reason at all” mode is embarrassing.

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So you prefer Big E over Sami Zayn and everyone else has to feel the same otherwise they’re racist? Come on now. :joy:

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Meh it became about race the minute you said forget the two black guys. One of them being probably one of the most over guys on the roster not named Mysterio. How you worded it makes no difference. So deflect all you want.

Ah here we go. The 2020 internet speak comes into it “woke” lol typical.

Lol don’t be putting words in my mouth. I could care less if you like Big E. My opinion of him doesn’t change the fact you said forget about him and another black performer in favor of the white guy.