Big E would like to see Chad Gable end GUNTHER's WWE Intercontinental Title reign

Originally published at Big E would like to see Chad Gable end GUNTHER's WWE Intercontinental Title reign

E explains why he wants to see Gable get that moment. 

On the 2/26 Monday Night Raw, WWE Intercontinental Champion GUNTHER asked the question of who is going to be his opponent at WrestleMania 40. There was a backstage segment that Imperium (GUNTHER, Ludwig Kaiser & Giovanni Vinci) had with Sami Zayn. 

Taking to his social media platforms, Chad Gable released a video which was focused on his feud with GUNTHER. In late 2023, Gable swore to God that he is going to win the Intercontinental Title.

While speaking to WhatCulture Wrestling, Big E told the outlet that he wants to see Gable get that victory. He added that a lot of times for WrestleMania, the first look is to part-timers for attractions and big matches but there are times when those big matches reside in-house. 

Man, look, obviously they were going in a different direction (with the WWE Intercontinental Title) for Mania; what we all have read but, the (Chad) Gable story, yes. I am such a fan of Chad Gable. I have long been a fan of Chad Gable. Outside the ring, just a great, phenomenal dude. All that aside, just what he brings into the ring is special. That rolling German — I remember we wrestled and at the time, I was over 300 pounds. The way he’s able to lift me up with ease is incredible. What he does athletically, his strength, his amateur wrestling background, really what he’s done now as a promo… his connection with fans as well. His story is so visceral. Seeing the stuff with his daughter at ringside, his family, all that stuff. The story, I just felt like the way they left it felt open-ended. It felt like, man, I don’t want this to be the end for Chad Gable on his run to dethroning GUNTHER so, that is my pick, that is who I want to see and I think so often at WrestleMania, we’re always trying to find big attractions and big matches and sometimes, your biggest matches are with guys who are mainstays on the roster and they don’t always have to be part-timers so, GUNTHER versus Gable, for one, alliteration, that alone, that helps. So yeah, I’d love to see that for Chad, I’d love to see him win. I think that moment at WrestleMania would be massive… In many ways, it’s a David versus Goliath story. There’s a story of Gable, a guy who’s long been underutilized, getting that opportunity, seeing what he’s done with Maxxine (Dupri) and (Akira) Tozawa and Otis has been so much fun too. So, he’s a guy, I don’t think he’s ever had singles gold in the company and he’s deserving and I’d love to see him get that opportunity.

There have been three singles matches between GUNTHER and Gable and their record is at 2-1. Gable has one victory over GUNTHER via count out. 

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100% agree, that’s what I’m hoping is the mania match as it would be a perfect ending to that story.