Big match announced for AEW Dynamite next week


Do I need to Google who TOM is too? Or should I just automatically know because all AEW fans are internet nerds? I guess if TOM says it, it must be true :roll_eyes:

Just an opinion I share.
Nothing more, nothing less.

(That said, Tom is a good follow for some fun art).

Great man! Love the tweets. Cant wait for the match. So this surely means we are gonna get to see Vikingo weekly on AEW and he’s gonna be involved in some interesting stories?

Maybe he can have some big dream matches with Minoru Suzuki, Nick Gage, Tomohiro Ishii, Komander, Jun Akiyama, etc.

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I don’t see the problem. Having international talent mixing with the core roster always gives some fun match-ups.

This whole thing reminds me of the uproar of silly arguments about when they did Moxley vs. Mance on a random Rampage (which ended up getting a great rating at the time). People had all this faux outrage over Mance getting an Eliminator match.

All those people you listed came in, had fun matches, that the audience seemed to enjoy very much.

I understand that some people wanted more of a build for this… But if it’s just a show for Kenny to get a win on TV, what’s the issue if it’s a MOTYC with Vikingo rather than a throw away match with Tony Nese or Josh Woods - and everybody losing their damn minds over “Why is Kenny working jobbers!!!”

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There is no problem with them doing stuff like this, but they go to it too often.

Why couldnt we get a fun match between Kenny Omega and Buddy Matthews or Kenny Omega and Malakai Black? Have either of those 2 guys had more than 5 singles matches on Dynamite or Rampage?

I want to see more of the people who are under contract with his company. That I am supposed to care about.


I understand. I agree to a degree. Nobody is saying we aren’t getting those matches because we are getting this.

Also, you’d have an equal amount of people complaining about the fact “AEW is throwing away these huge matches on free tv!”

So far this match has really disappointed. How dare AEW put this in the main event. What a disgrace. :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::sweat_smile::rofl::joy:

Where did anyone say the match was going to be bad?


Well, looks like they’re not wasting time in giving him another high profile match on their platform.

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Making it a title defense is a huge deal.