Big Swole reacts to the idea that her comments about AEW hurt her career, says she'd be open to appearing for IMPACT

Originally published at Big Swole reacts to the idea that her comments about AEW hurt her career, says she'd be open to appearing for IMPACT

IMPACT Wrestling is a destination that has the interest of Big Swole.

It has been over five months since Big Swole finished up with All Elite Wrestling. A month after her exit, she voiced her thoughts about the internal structure of the company, diversity and the women’s division. Those comments drew a response from AEW President Tony Khan, who tweeted out that he did not re-sign Swole because of her wrestling ability.

Now being half-a-year removed from the situation, Big Swole spoke to Steve Fall on NBC Sports’ ‘Ten Count’ podcast and touched on the notion that the aforementioned situation had a negative impact on her career.

I feel like it helped me . I mean I don’t take anything — I guess when other people give their opinions and other people give their statements on me and be like, ‘Oh, you speaking out caused such a negative affect on your career,’ I’m like, no, I take everything as if it’s a positive, because I need to speak out for myself. If I’m not gonna speak up for me then who the hell is gonna speak up for me?

Swole expressed that she is enjoying being a free agent, but would be interested in working with IMPACT Wrestling. She feels that signing somewhere would become an obligation and is open to the prospect of coming in, doing a story and having a few matches.

They do, they do . I would love to be a part of IMPACT. It’s just my thing now is that I’ve just been so vocal about not signing anywhere. I just — I’m enjoying my peace. Like I said, my main reason of leaving AEW was my peace. If I don’t have my peace, I can’t operate. So, I feel like signing somewhere is obligation and I just wanna be obligated to my faith, my family and myself and you know, and wrestling is a part of me, so I just like having my own schedule but I would love to come in on different off-shoots and just wrestle, just enjoy and just have a good story.

This past February, Swole recounted her AEW exit interview and the conversation she had with Tony Khan. To read those comments, click here.

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